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Part 19: Princes Have no Sense of Humor

XIX - Princes Have no Sense of Humor

Are you coming, Majesty?
Alhazred's treachery must be handled carefully, Alexander. Allaria and I must go gather our allies and form a plan.
In the meantime, watch over Cassima. Make sure she comes to no harm. We will return as soon as we can to take back all that has been stolen from us.
I will keep her safe until your return.
Thank you, son. Your love for our daughter must be deep indeed for you to have undertaken Death itself for our sakes.
Indeed. May we succeed in what awaits us, and live long together as a family.
Best of luck to us all. We're going to need it. The wedding is supposedly starting any moment now, so there's no time to lose.
A wedding? Oh no... we have less time than I imagined. Let us hurry!

We're in the endgame now. There's no need to go to any of the other islands. There's nothing new to find. Before we can enter the castle, we need to stop off by the pawn shop for one last item...

The pawn shop and the lamp peddler.

Excuse me, peddler, but I have an old lamp that might interest you.
Ah! An old lamp! And what a nice traditional design too! Take your pick of my new lamps.

This puzzle makes sense from a meta-perspective, but it's still a bad puzzle because there's no way for Alex to know this information. We the PLAYER know what the match for Shamir's lamp is, but Alex is just guessing. We need the second to last lamp, the tall blue one.

Ah, fine choice, my son. Here is your new lamp.
Good day, and I thank you, sir.
Good day.

Drat! Another dud!
I could have told you that it didn't have a genie inside!
The old peddler ignores Alexander and stumbles away down the street.

I think I'd like the painter's brush.
Very good, Prince Alex. The painter's brush it is. May your painting go well. Feel free to bring the brush back at any time.
Thank you. I'm keen to start. I've been searching all over the land for the right ingredients for my paint mixture...

Alexander is carrying a clean, but well-used, painter's brush.
The paint brush bristles have softened to a perfect consistency after much hard use.

Alexander has obtained a new lamp made of blue-colored glass with a tall, thin neck and a cork-like cap.

The side of the castle has been largely useless up until this point. No more!

Alexander dips the large, black feather into the teacup... and stirs the contents gently.
To his amazement, the jet-black color of the feather slowly drains, from end to tip, into the teacup. The teacup mixture blackens and thickens to a paint-like consistency. Alexander carefully puts it away, discarding the drained feather.

The magic paint is prepared. Also if you want a fun bit of trivia: that feather we just discarded obviously belonged to Night Mare. And we found it at the very beginning of the game! It's pretty clever of the game to hint at her existence so obliquely, so early on.

castle wall

Feeling artistically inspired, Alexander decides to make use of the large, blank castle wall.

Ah! A doorway! Just what Alexander was thinking this wall needed!

Magic paint, black as ink!
Bring to life what I think!
Make it real, what I draw!
According to this spoken law!

The gif of it appearing isn't very interesting. It just TV statics into existence.

The spell worked! The door has magically solidified. Eager to be inside the castle at last, Alexander opens the enchanted door... and steps inside!

Castle Downstairs

While it's hard to track things like points of no return and whatnot, I think entering the castle here qualifies if nothing else! I don't believe this section is on a strict timer, but if you mess around too much, guards will patrol around and you'll have to hide from them. It's not nearly as bad as the upper floors, where it's a constant thing.


It's possible to get a game over here if you get caught enough times, but it takes a while to show off. So that's gonna be something I won't be able to demonstrate. Oh well!

Anyway, we could go upstairs but that's a terrible idea. So let's enter this lone door instead.

Alexander decides to find out what's on the other side of that door.

Prince Alexander! I can't believe it! How did you get into the castle?
Well, I... Actually, it's a little hard to explain.
I bet! You run a terrible risk being here! The castle is crawling with guard dogs--especially today! The vizier will have your hide if he finds you!
I know that, Jollo, but Cassima is being married today. What greater risk is there than that?
Of course, you're right. Young love--I forget what heartburn it is! But what do you propose to do about it?
I've GOT to try to see her, maybe even stop the wedding.
Is that all? And here I thought you would try something dangerous. <sigh>
Don't worry about me, friend. I've been very busy recently, and have many plans set in motion. Talking to Cassima is just a side objective.
You're certainly a different man than you were in the bookshop a few hours ago. You're more confident for one thing.
I've had a very trying day. One you wouldn't believe even if we had the time to talk.
Just tell me; where is Cassima?
As far as I know, she's still in her bedroom upstairs. You'd never make it up there, though. The guard dogs are everywhere, and they're very loyal to the Crown. Unfortunately, right now 'the Crown' means Alhazred. If we had proof of something truly afoul, the guard dogs might listen. As it is, they're your enemies, not his.
I understand. I've had no lack of 'enemies' since I got here. In fact, you'd almost think I wasn't welcome.
Hah! And they say princes have no sense of humor! Well, I can see there's no putting you off. For Cassima's sake, I wish you luck. I'll be here if there's anything you need.

There actually is something...

I've been thinking about what you said about swapping a replica for the genie's lamp. I got this lamp from the peddler in town. Do you think it will pass?

Why... YES! It's an exact replica! That's amazing! How did you guess?
I suppose it was intuition.
Hmmm... I'll have to wait for the right moment, mind you, but I should be able to get close enough to swap this for the real thing--and none shall be the wiser! Now you shall see Jollo's skill!
I'm sure your hands are mightier than my sword, my clever friend.
Hee hee! Go ahead and do as you've planned, and let me worry about swapping the lamp. If I accomplish the trickery, I'll manage to get the lamp to you somehow, never fear!
I have faith, Jollo. You're a true friend.
Aw, shucks! I would do anything for the princess.
Be that as it may, I get the feeling you wouldn't be especially inclined to make the swap if I were a perfect stranger asking it of you.
That's certainly true! I'm willing to help most people if I can, but this is a bit much for a stranger to ask. But a favor for a friend? That I can do!

Jollo takes his sweet time sauntering upstairs. We'll leave him to his job. We have much more to accomplish before the wedding starts. First, let's head back to the west.

Into the second door!

Child Ghost

This music sure sounds familiar...

A spirit weeps inconsolably on the cot. The spirit appears to be the ghost of a little boy.
What's the matter, little boy?
I'm lost! I can't find my mother! I don't know why she would just leave me here! I've been alone ever so long!
Mother? Mother, where are you?
Is there anything I can do?
The ghost continues to weep, ignoring Alexander.

Reuniting him with his mother is optional, but come on... it's the right thing to do!

You must be the son of the spirit I met in the Realm of the Dead. She gave me this handkerchief, and asked me to tell you that she's waiting for you there.

It's Mama's! It even smells like her! I can feel her now! I know where to go!
Wait! Before you go, is there anything you can tell me about the castle?
I like to play in secret places. In the basement, behind the man of steel, is a door. Nobody except me knows it's there anymore. Farewell!

We did a good thing today. And now back to business. Outside and... to the north!

I don't see Superman here, so the little boy must have meant the armor.


Remembering what the little boy ghost said, Alexander experiments with the suit of armor. He pushes down, then pulls up on the knight's right arm. A secret passage!

NEXT TIME: Into the secret passage. The LP is barreling toward its conclusion. Not long now, folks!

List of Points

+1 - ...For new
+1 - Stirred teacup with feather
+1 - Amateur painting
+3 - Enchanted painting!
+2 - Metal Gear Alexander
+3 - Flattering the clown
+3 - Helped a crying boy
+2 - Secret Area

Total Points: 196/231

Register of Deaths

None this time!