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Part 21: A Jilted Lover

XXI - A Jilted Lover

Hello everyone and welcome back! This is the end of King's Quest 6 and it's gonna be action packed!

Alexander hears a door off the north hall open, then the sound of guard dog footsteps. The footsteps are headed this way!

Alexander hears the sound of a guard's footsteps coming from the north. Wait! There are more footsteps approaching from the west! Now what?

Only one place to go... up! We gotta stop the wedding anyhow.


The Evil Wedding

Aptly named. There's gonna be a lot of dying to do this update and the next one.

Fun fact: if you come in the front way during the short path, Alex stashes Beauty's slave clothes in the giant urn on the right.

Alexander looks cautiously around the grand hall, but there are no guard dogs to be seen. The wedding music is coming from behind those two large doors!

Prince Alexander? Here? The vizier will have my head for allowing you within a mile of the royal wedding! Since you are of noble birth, I will give you five seconds to explain your presence here before killing you. I warn you; it had better be good!

Saladin gives us the same five seconds if we never talked to him at the start of the game. He's nice like that.

Um... er... that is to say... I... Captain Saladin, consider! I know you cannot be blind to the vizier's true nature.
<growl> My personal feelings have nothing to do with it. I serve the Crown.

After the five seconds...

You give me no excuse to save your life, Prince Alexander. You were told to stay away from the castle, but you chose not to listen! I have no choice but to obey the vizier!
But, Saladin....

Wait! If you love your princess, you'll hear me out! The vizier is not what he appears to be. Cassima is in terrible danger. I have proof that this is so! For your princess's sake, you must believe me!
Let me see that
Saladin reads the letter, his sword point still against Alexander's throat. Alexander watches the guard dog's noble face darken with rage.
<Growl!> This is treason! I'll have his throat! But how do I know this letter is not a forgery? You could have written this yourself!
But I did not! Have you no doubts of your own about Alhazred? Don't you see, all he wants is the Crown! Cassima is being coerced. We must stop the wedding!
It is true. I have had my suspicions about the vizier--especially when King Caliphim and Queen Allaria died. But I have seen Cassima with him several times. She appears to be quite happy. Even...enthusiastic. I don't believe she could love him if he truly were so wicked.
I cannot believe for a moment that she loves that snake.
A jilted lover WOULD not believe it.
Also hasn't she been sequestered in her room in mourning for months? Just when was she supposed to have been seen with the vizier?
Before she left!
Before she left? She was at Mordack's island for years. Just how old was she at the time?
She was a young child! Not even...
Are you saying that you didn't see anything wrong with the, at the time, child princess being left alone with a man who was obviously trying to seduce her?
Watch your tongue, boy.
But, come. See her happiness yourself.

The Captain of the Guard leads Alexander into the throne room, where a ceremony seems to be in progress. Alexander feels his blood run cold at the sight.
I, Cassima, declare Abdul Alhazred as my lawful and beloved husband, and KING of this realm...
But...Cassima, what are you saying?
Do you still claim that the princess is being forced? Perhaps it's you that's the danger--as the vizier has said.

We need to speak up here. If we don't, after another five seconds...

If you refuse to defend yourself, you must have faked the letter. Since you cannot prove your point, I shall prove MINE!

Anyway, like I said we need to speak up. So...

Cassima, stop!

Stopped the Wedding

Prince Alexander, here? This is an outrage How dare you allow this traitor to get past you, Saladin! You stupid mutt! Can't you even keep the castle free of assassins during your own princess's wedding? Kill him! Kill him now!
<Grrr>Lord Alhazred.... With all due respect, you are not quite king yet. And this IS a wedding ceremony, not an execution.
What? How dare you contradict me, you flea-bitten mongrel? I gave a direct order. Obey me or feel my wrath!
One of us is holding a sword, Lord Alhazred. It is not you. I firmly suggest you do not give me reason to turn it against you.
I... <grunt> Fine. I will not forget this. We will speak later.

M'lady, I apologize for my behavior, but I am yours to command in all things. I wanted merely to hear your own wishes from your own lips. Tell me what is it that you wish me to do with this young man, and I will obey.

Wedding the Genie

Why Captain, you heard my dear Abdul. If he wishes this atrocious young man's death, then I want nothing more than to see him get his wish. Obey thy liege now and always.
As you wish, princess.
Just as Saladin prepares to run Alexander through with his sword, a shout is heard from the direction of the grand hall...
HOLD! In the name of the true king!

King Caliphim and Queen Allaria burst into the throne room looking alive and well, and full of wrath! Behind them, a line of supporters look prepared to battle, if necessary, for their beloved royal couple!

Cassima! Darling, are you all right? Has he hurt you?
Get your hands off of her, you murderous goat!
If I WANT your advice, I'll ASK for it...MOTHER!
But...Caliphim...that's NOT Cassima! I'd know my daughter anywhere!
What have you done with our daughter, you devil?

The lovely image of Cassima suddenly bursts into smoke and is replaced by...the vizier's genie!
Why, conniving serpent!
Get him, guards! Saladin, your sword!
DRAT IT ALL! You may have ruined my plans, but you won't get me--OR your precious Cassima! GET THEM, SHAMIR! I COMMAND YOU!

Battle in the Castle

Abdul runs into the back.

He's getting away! Stop him!
Yes, Sire! As soon as I deal with this genie!

We're supposed to chase Abdul. If we just stand around, however...

Shamir, the vizier's genie, begins to throw balls of dazzling light at the guard dogs!

He has to hit every dog and it takes long enough that you should obviously not be here doing this.

The genie, finding a free moment in the battle, suddenly realizes that Alexander is still in the room and sends a dazzle spell his way.
Got you, PRINCE Alexander!

You get this same death if Shamir catches up to you while you're chasing Abdul. So there's no need to show that off!

Let's chase Abdul!

Like I said, Shamir will appear in here if you're slow. We're hot on Abdul's heels, though. So he won't have any chance to get here.

I think this is a good cliffhanger spot.

NEXT TIME: The finale to King's Quest VI

List of Points

+3 - Saladin's friendship with Abdul ended. Now sword is his best friend

Total Points: 218/231

Register of Deaths

Saladin proves his point x2
Give 'em the old razzle dazzle