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Part 22: Girl in the Tower

XXII - Girl in the Tower

Battle in the Castle

Ahh, you feel that in the air? That's the feeling of a nearly-complete LP! We just gotta get through this last update and King's Quest 6 will be complete.

Alexander! Be careful, Alhazred has a sword!
Shut up, wench! SHAMIR SHAMAZEL!!! Get in here!
Here I am, Master
It's about time, you bumbling fool! How could you let him follow me?
Well, there were the guard dogs, Master, and then....
NEVER MIND!! Just kill him--kill him NOW!
<sigh> As you wish, Master. RAZZLE DAZZLE, SNAP AND SNAZZLE...

Prince Alexander, I did it! I swapped the lamps! Here, quick, take it!
Bless you, Jollo! I knew you could do it! Now get clear, friend!
No argument there, my lord. Good luck!

Alexander has the genie's lamp!

I don't feel particularly keen to die to Shamir again so...

WHAT? How did you get my lamp! You thief! You've ruined me!
My lamp! Oh, thank Balhalla! I hated working for that loathsome creature! I already feel his nastiness leaving me! How I've longed for a master like you!

I've got a new master~! I've got a new master~!

So you are a thief as well, Alexander? Stealing the lamp was very clever, I'll grant you that, but I am the master thief! Face my sword, if you dare! The man left standing shall have the lamp!
So shall it be, Alhazred! I don't need the genie to deal with a coward like you!

This is the last death of the LP.


It gives us a good hint on what to do, however.


In desperation, Alexander fixes upon the only weapon in sight.

Abdul is very patient here. He could have killed Alex six times over in that gif.

Zounds! This sword must weigh a ton!
Good. Then you shall only fail sooner, my prince!

SO! The mouse would bite?
This mouse SHALL bite, as you shall soon see--or should I say, soon feel?

Hah! You can barely lift that sword, my 'prince!' Better to lay it down now. I promise to dispatch you with little pain
A tempting offer, but I think I'll wait and see what this sword can do.
Suit yourself.

The swordfight animation plays again. However this time during the punchup...

Alexander's arms start to tremble under the effort of wielding the huge sword. His muscles are nearing exhaustion
Hah! And so it ends!
Not if I can help it, you murderer!

Cassima thrusts the small dagger into Alhazred's shoulder with all her might!
Yyeeiii!!! You! You dare raise a finger to me?! You will regret that, princess!
You're lucky I didn't aim for your neck!

If we don't act soon enough, Abdul will turn around and kill Alex. So...

Leave her alone, Alhazred! You are through harming her--and this kingdom!

Disabled Vizier

We've won! Now all that's left is the ending.

Cassima! Are you all right?
I'm fine, Alexander. I just was so afraid for you!
There's no need to fear anymore, princess.
Yes. I know. How can I ever repay you? For myself, for my kingdom....
It was not in me to let harm come to you. Can you find it in you, princess, to give me more than your gratitude?
Alexander! What are you saying?
I love you, Cassima. Would you ever you think you could...marry me?
Could you ever have doubted it, my prince?

<growl!> Ahem!

Oh! Guards!
Princess Cassima, are you well?
I am quite well, thank you. Please take Abdul and put him in the dungeon. See to it that he gets a doctor. We want to be sure he survives. He has a lot to answer for, and he has not earned a quick death once it's all over.
Yes, Majesty.

Come along, you rat. We've got a nice dank cell all ready for you. And before too long, the Doctor is coming to pay you a visit.
No. What!? How dare you...
Shut up! Get moving.

What's going to happen to Alhazred?
Men like him and Mordack only respect strength, so I'm going to show him just how much I learned from them. By the time the guards are through with him, he'll wish he had died here.
I imagine your father is going to want to have some words with him as well.
My father? I... what?
Alexander cracks a smile.
Your parents are waiting downstairs.
But how? I thought they died!
It's a very long story, Cassima. You see, it all started when I washed ashore a couple days ago...

Good Wedding

I'm gonna be quiet for a lot of this. So just enjoy the royal wedding.

Cassima and Alexander ask Captain Saladin to perform their wedding ceremony. Saladin is honored to do so.
On this historical day of great joy in the Land of the Green Isles, we witness the union of Cassima, beloved princess of this realm, and Alexander, prince of Daventry!

Do you, Prince Alexander of Daventry, take Princess Cassima to be your wife, to love and to cherish for as long as you both shall live?
I do.
And do you, Princess Cassima of the Land of the Green Isles, take Prince Alexander to be your husband, to love and to cherish, for as long as you both shall live?
I do.
Do you have a ring?
I have Alexander's royal insignia ring.
Very good. Please place the ring on Cassima's finger.

Who gives this bride to be wed?
Her mother and I willingly give our daughter's hand in wedlock.
Who will speak for the groom?
I will. Alexander's mother and I recognize his marriage to Princess Cassima with glad hearts and sanction this union.
Then, Alexander and Cassima, I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride.
Everyone: Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!

Congratulations, my children! I have an important question for you both, please hear me!
Yes, Sire?
Alexander, I welcome you into our family with open arms! I placed trust in Alhazred because I so badly wanted a son and a husband for my beloved daughter. I was wrong. But you are true and good, Alexander, and have proven yourself to all my people.
Thank you, Sire.
Allaria and I have been through much. Even though we have returned to our kingdom, I do not think we are able to reign again. Will you two consider the Crown? I know as king and queen you can heal this small kingdom from all the damage that Alhazred has inflicted upon it.
Oh, Father!
Why, I'm honored.... What do you think, Cassima?
I love my homeland, Alexander. I would be happy to stay and to serve it all my days.
Father? I believe I am needed here. Would you be very disappointed if....
Son, you must follow your destiny. I DO believe the Land of the Green Isles needs you. You will be a magnificent king, though dearly missed in Daventry.

Oh, my boy! What a man you've become, and how I will miss you!
Don't worry, Mother. With Shamir's powers we'll be able to visit often! I'm not about to forget my family.

Congratulations, Alexander! I'm so proud of you!
Thank you, dear sister.

Oh, Alexander, I am so glad! Between the return of my beloved parents and our new reign, you've made me so happy!
I'm glad I could make up for some of your suffering, my beautiful wife.
Congratulations, King Alexander! When we return home to Daventry, your crew will be glad to hear that their battle at sea was worthwhile--in bringing forth a new monarch!
We were so worried when your men arrived home without you, son! I'm so thankful that you are safe and happy!
And I am as grateful that my crew did not pay for my driven heart!
You have only brought us ALL good fortune, Sire! With Shamir saved, and his power used for good, reuniting the islands will be far easier. He has already repaired the ferry. Your road will be easier now that the islands are no longer feuding. Already the wounds are starting to heal
Yes, my love, discovering the island's stolen treasures has done more to bring peace to this land than anything else. It is now clear that Alhazred had Shamir steal each of the island's most valued treasure, then blamed the thefts on others to cause the islands to hate each other.

You can see where they can insert what you did or did not do. The short ending path is the same wedding, but it's just a lot of "well you fucked up this this and this." And it's not a triumphant perfect score so much as "well you need to do a lot better."

Now, let us celebrate our good fortune! The evil that has plagued this land is done, and a new reign begins! Long live King Alexander and Queen Cassima!

Everyone: Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!

Girl in the Tower ***CLICK THIS LINK***


Girl in the Tower is a legitimate love power ballad written specifically for King's Quest VI. It unironically owns. Listen to it.

Yeah that's not happening.

So what's next for me? Well, I have an ongoing Final Fantasy XIV LP that will be running for probably ever or until I get bored and wander away from SALP.

But what if you're tired of low fantasy?

Alexander's is not the only tale I know. What if I told you that I played a very important role in ensuring the survival of humanity? It all began with a woman named Shepard...

List of Points

+1 Ring on a beach
+1 Move background object the plank
+1 Get coin in the box
+3 Got engaged to a guard
+2 - This guy totally isn't evil
+2 Bought a nightingale
+1 Free book!
+1 Read shitty poetry
+1 Received shitty poetry
+2 Asked about Ye Useful Booke of Magick Spells
+1 Befriended Ali
+2 - Listened to Hassan
+1 - Received luck from Hassan
+5 - Magic smap
+1 - Minty fresh!
+4 - Jollo the Clown
+1 - Alexander's Disappearing Ink Act
+1 - Alexander feels a strange pulling sensation...
+1 - Stinky Flower
+1 - Black Feather
+3 - Oyster dentist
+1 - (In)complete sentence
+10 - Beating the Sense Gnomes (+2 each)
+1 - Destroyed the web
+1 - The game's central theme or something
+1 - Milkweed bottle
+2 - Stealing from the queen
+1 - Alex made a rotten friend!
+1 - Frozen lettuce
+4 - Simmering Pond
+1 - Old lamp...
+1 - Brick joke
+2 - Speech he is
+2 - Coming home he is to
+1 - The rare book is damaged!
+4 - Befriended Sing-Sing
+2 - A monster pearl is worth a ring, sure
+1 - Ye Olde Book of Useful Spells
+3 - Gave a ring to a random bird
+1 - Cassima's ribbon
+1 - Got Cassima's hair
+1 - Love poem to bird
+1 - Friendzoned by Cassima
+1 - A fine china teacup
+2 - Danced with the wallflowers
+1 - Kidnapped a hole
+2 - Determined that babies understand fairness
+1 - Collected the tears of baby's tears
+3 - Got rid of rotten tomato
+1 - Swamp ooze, not much
+5 - Copy Protection (1 for each puzzle)
+1 - Entered the mountain cave (seriously)
+2 - Illumination
+1 - Fresh peppermint
+1 -
+1 - Free shield for the taking
+1 - Stealing from the dead
+2 - Putting a brick in the works
+2 - The torch was out
+1 - Hole in the wall
+1 - A hidden latch
+1 - Flipped the latch
+3 - :actually: bulls don't care about red, only motion
+6 - Consultation with the oracle
+1 - A marvelous lump of coal
+1 - A handy-dandy scythe
+3 - Shield beats arrow
+1 - A rose, pure as white
+3 - Alex is a pretty good gardener
+1 - Robbie Benson talks to himself
+2 - Flirted with Belle
+2 - Alex liked it, so he put a ring on it
+2 - Beauty and the Beast
+1 - Sacred lamp
+1 - Fountain water lamp
+1 - A nice egg in these trying times
+1 - Feeding a rose to a bird
+3 - Tricked Shamir
+3 - Alex makes watery tea
+2 - Alex is a powerful nature wizard!
+1 - The most metal looking item ever
+1 - Burning hair
+1 - An awful, unholy mixture of fire, brimstone, and purity
+5 - Leaving this world!
+1 - Ghost ticket
+1 - Ghost handkerchief
+2 - Dead Man's Party!
+1 - Skeleton key
+3 - NEXT!
+1 - The black gauntlet
+1 - Stained the teacup beyond all hope
+3 - Taken to see somethin' interesting
+2 - Threw down the gauntlet
+4 -Alexander is a fucking badass
+1 - Old lamp for new
+1 - Stirred teacup with feather
+1 - Amateur painting
+3 - Enchanted painting!
+2 - Metal Gear Alexander
+3 - Flattering the clown
+3 - Helped a crying boy
+2 - Secret Area
+2 - A clue from the dogs!
+1 - A face to wall conversation with Cassima
+3 - Armed the princess
+1 - Learned the evil vizier is evil
+2 - Proof the evil vizier is evil
+1 - ZEBU
+2 - "Stolen property or some such"
+3 - Saladin's friendship with Abdul ended. Now sword is his best friend
+1 - A clown's hands are quick and agile
+5 - He's got a new master! He's got a new master!
+1 - >get SWORD
+1 - A duel for the ages

Total Points: 231/231

Register of Deaths

Alexander can't swim
Trusted a kid
Stewed Alexander x2
Alex needs to bathe
Alex is a mouth breather
Alex tastes funny
Alex has rough skin
Alex exists
Married to a widow
Clingy vines
An arrow-neous move
Sinking into the swamp
Illogical Step x2
Ate deadly nightshade. What did you think was going to happen?
Got Wil-E Coyote'd x3
Spiked! x2
Pressed into the pavement
Eye'm splitting up
Gored by the minotaur
Sacrificed for rain
Whee whee whee all the way home
Had to re-record!
Acidic ghoul flesh x2
Bathing in the Lethe
Succumbed to Death
Saladin proves his point x2
Give 'em the old razzle dazzle
Alexander should have been on guard

Total: 36 deaths, 1 re-record to capture a scene that didn't happen