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Kirby: Canvas Curse

by Lyrax

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Original Thread: Before there was yarn, there was paint! Let's finish Kirby Canvas Curse!



A game released for the Nintendo DS, Kirby Canvas Curse is one of the first games made that uses only (and I mean only) the stylus for every function. It is a platforming game in the same sense that a microwave dinner is a meal. You can't really define it! But let us see how Kirby got into this little mess of his.

To start off, a mysterious Witch, named Drawcia, has come to Dream Land from another world and decided it would look much better lacquered.

Well that sucks. Well now how can she be stopped?

Or rather, ME! Or us. Whichever is more immersive. We get to guide Kirby across a myriad of colourful lands!

Since Kirby is a ball, he has no means to move on his own. Kirby rolls forward with enemies, traps and walls in his way. It is up to us and the magic brush to help guide him. With the stylus, we can draw paths! And um... draw loop de loops! And thats about it really. But theres a batch of interesting puzzles and levels that use touch screen shenanigans!

Kirby also has a large variety of powers at his disposal. Here's the ones we've seen so far:

Beam - The trusty original. Kirby becomes vulnerable during his dash but sprays a beam in 360 degrees. Best used when there are enemies directly in front.

Wheel - Kirby becomes much faster but harder to control. The paint can create ramps so the wheel can reach places it normally couldn't.

Burning - A short burst forward destroying any enemies or blocks in the way.

Missile - A reinvention of a new power up. Kirby becomes a weapon of mass adorable moving slowly across the screen, but can fly!

Spark - Instead of making a barrier around Kirby like Spark usually does, a bolt of lightning connects to Kirby from the top of the screen. Perfect for aerial enemies!

Tornado - Kirby spins at maximum speed to be able to fly through the air for a short time. Tap the tornado to send it higher!

Stone - Down+B. Kirby turns into a Stone that can sink in water, destroy wood stump blockades, and is completely invincible! Wow! Too bad I hate this power.

Crash - Kills everything on screen. I am definitely in love with this power but its one time use makes me very sad. It's only puzzle use is activating switches behind the barriers the switches deactivate.

Needle - Spreading needles out of every orifice, Kirby treats enemies to a bit of acupuncture and can even stick to walls. But he's not totally invincible. Plus he's a bit hard to control. Useful in specific situations.

Freeze - Creates a barrier of ice around Kirby which freezes all the enemies into cubes. However, he's not completely invincible, so Kirby has to be wary of spikes and Gordos (and Blados )

Balloon - The worst power in the game, hands down. Kirby puffs up into a balloon, doubling his size. Tap him and he'll increase in size until POP! All the enemies on screen stun. But he becomes extremely vulnerable especially with his enormous size. Strangely, the only power that won't disappear when hit while in use.

So join me, will you, as I take you on a subtitled adventure through this land of paint and danger!

Note: If you watch on Dailymotion, make sure you have HQ on.


Left: Story, Right: Line Trial


Main Game
Level 1: Reddy LandViddler Dailymotion
Level 2: Arange GorgeViddler Dailymotion
Level 3: Iello AdventureViddler Dailymotion (Part 1 | Part 2)
Level 4: Neo GreoViddler Dailymotion (Part 1 | Part 2)
Level 5: Bloo HillsViddler Dailymotion (Part 1 | Part 2)
Level 6: Omarine ZoneViddler Dailymotion (Part 1 | Part 2)
Level 7: Wonder LilaneViddler Dailymotion (Part 1 | Part 2)
Level 8: World of DrawciaViddler Dailymotion

Bonus videos
All the music used for Rainbow Run videos is either from OC Remix, Super Smash Bros Brawl, or past Kirby games themselves.
Rainbow Run of Reddy LandViddler Dailymotion
Rainbow Run of Arange GorgeViddler Dailymotion
Rainbow Run of Iello AdventureViddler Dailymotion
Rainbow Run of Neo GreoViddler Dailymotion
Rainbow Run of Bloo HillsViddler Dailymotion
Rainbow Run of Omarine ZoneViddler Dailymotion
Rainbow Run of Wonder LilaneViddler Dailymotion
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