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by Proton Jon

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Original Thread: Let's Play Kirby Super Star [Video]



Welcoem to the Let's Play thread for Kirby Super Star, an amazing game on the Super Nintendo that had 9 games inside it (Don't let the box art fool you, there is a hidden one). This will be a video LP with commentary from myself. However, since the game is 2 players, I can take on a guest for video commentary AND have them play at the same time, as far as I know none of the Video LP's has done that before.

Now, I'm aware that back in November, Count von Count tried to start a LP based off this game, but he only made it to the intro stage and stopped it. I felt this game needs the full video treatment, so I went ahead with this thread. Hope you don't mind Count von Count.

The videos will be broken up into parts for each game. I've gone ahead and posted the introduction and the first stage of Spring Breeze below. I will be doing video runs of all the games and will be taking suggestions for the order of the games I should go in (In the video just look at the main game menu to see what's available right away).

Here's the first video, hope you guys enjoy it, feel free to post any suggestions or comments you have that will help make it better. Also, I'm sorry about the cough, but it will get better (I certainly hope so at least...) so you should hear it less in the next video. And slowbeef, contrary to what the end of the video sounds like, I still love you man.


Introduction Video, Spring Breeze Part 1
Spring Breeze Part 2
Cutting Room Floor - Nothing Wants to Go Right - Spring Breeze Part 2
Dynablade Part 1 - Stage 1 - Stage 3
Dynablade Part 1 - Intact Beginning along with Stage 1
Dynablade Part 2
Revenge of Meta-Knight
Gourmet Race, Megaton Punch, Samurai Kirby
The Great Cave Offensive Part 1
The Great Cave Offensive Part 2
Milky Way Wishes Part 1
Milky Way Wishes Part 2
The Arena - Featuring Dinictus
Wing Only Arena Run
Suplex Only Arena Run
Cutting Room Floor - Arena Blooper Reel
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