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Part 1: Episode 1 - The Beginnings of Gale


Episode 1 - The Beginnings of Gale
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Let's get this started! We move out to explore a strange explosion on a hill, along the way we'll meet a guy building a giant tower to meet an anime girl, a guy in a plague doctor mask and a fat midget.

As an added thing for this LP I'll be including some of my standout memories of the series in the update posts. Both as added stuff for you guys in the thread and to give some added insight into how I fell so in love with what is really not a major franchise by any means. Beyond the great character design, level design, music, writing etc etc.

This was the game's demo, included on one of Official Playstation Magazine's infamous demo discs. I think I first played it in 1999 when I became friends with a guy who had hundreds of these discs and enjoyed playing demo disc roulette. Pick a disc at random, pick a demo on the disc at random and pray to the gods you didn't get whatever pile of Net Yaroze crap was on that particular disc. One day we drew the disc with Klonoa on (also Bomberman World, which probably got more play) and I was hooked immediately. Sadly though being a poor kid I had no Playstation and by the time I got one Klonoa was an extremely hard to find game. A windfall from another friend clearing out his house dropped into my lap a king's random of demo discs though, the Klonoa disc being among them (also the Kurushi demo, but that's a story for another day). It would become one of my most played discs until leaving the eternal demo disc phase of childhood.