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Part 2: Episode 2 - Deep in the Dying Forest


Episode 2 - Deep in the Dying Forest
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We follow Grandpa's advice and head into Forlock Forest in search of Granny. However all is not right in the forest...also we meet some fish!

I traded in Monster Hunter Tri for my first actual copy of Klonoa, giving away there that the first time I actually got a hold of the full game was the Wii remake. It was just as hard to get a hold of as the PS1 original, by the time I actually got to play Door to Phantomile I'd completed Empire of Dreams and Lunatea's Veil. Both of which are fantastic games but if you've played demos of games constantly you know that when one properly gets under your skin it's not enough to play other games in that series. You need to scratch that itch by playing the actual game that you adore those first few levels of. Vib Ribbon still haunts me in this way thanks to a Mcdonalds promotion near the end of the PS1's life, Rayman R less so. But anyway, it was £14 of trade-in credit that got me my first copy of Door to Phantomile from an independant games store in my current home town 3 years ago. I'd seen a few images of the graphical overhaul but dear god the Wii version is beautiful, compare the PS1 Breezegale with this shot and it's like night and day.

Seadoph, Karal and Pamela are all added to the character list in the second post along with this world's music.