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Part 5: Episode 5 - The Four Orbs

Told you. NEW VIDEO!!

Episode 5 - The Four Orbs
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The race is on to try and stop Ghadius and Joka using the Moon Pendant to reawaken the Moon Kingdom. There's also the small matter of avenging Grandpa's death. As I mentioned in the video this whole world is probably the most obnoxious in the game, succuming as it does to the mcguffin collection and limited time invincible enemies twin bullshit fairies. Also given what happened at the end of world 4, the whole dicking about comic relief tone of Solare and Soleil (hilarious though it is) is a little jarring.

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Also Solare, Soleil and High Priest Moire are added to the second post along with this world's pretty kick ass music. Joka's boss music is I believe 100% fitting for his sinister nature.