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Part 7: Episode 7 - The Time of Restoration

Oh man it's been a whole week, really didn't want this to take that long but at last...


Episode 7 - The Time of Restoration
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Vision 6-2 is a marathon of precision platforming and some of the toughest/most annoying puzzles in the game. We learn who Hewpoe really is and it all culminates in the final battle with Ghadius! This is it, it all ends here.....except it doesn't. There's one more twist left in this story.

So yeah, lot of stuff happened the last few weeks which kept me from recording the game or commentary hence the slow down in updates. Hopefully I'll now be able to get back on track and not leave full weeks between updates. Rest assured this is not like the latter stages of Wrath of Cortex and I'm not getting sick or bored of the game.