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Part 9: Episode 1 - Punching Things

Business first, I'm going to be scaling back updates to 1-per-week. I've had a load of stuff to do lately to the point where I've been down to 1 a week for a while now. Figured I might as well make it official. Now then...


Episode 1 - Punching Things
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Technical issues are conquered (somewhat) as we begin the Game Boy Advance game Klonoa: Empire of Dreams! We have stupid plot, cool levels, Klonoa getting punched in the face and lots of bells. We also have a HOVERBOARD!!

I've been wrestling with this fucking video for days trying to get the audio to sync properly. The commentary desynced as I was recording it so if anyone's got any idea on what the hell might have caused that I'd be all ears. Hopefully it's not too horrible noticable with how I've tweaked it.

The Empire of Dreams primer is in the first post, but here it is in case you don't feel like going back there.


The second game of the series moved us from the Playstation to the Game Boy Advance in 2001, gone is the 3D effect (naturally) but the puzzle-platforming remains in a purely 2D form. While endearingly expressive character models can't really be done on the GBA we do get some very lovely sprites, damn near all the elements from Door to Phantomile and a lot of game for our money. The game is split into 5 worlds, each divided into 10 levels. Of course this being a portable game designed for play on the move, these levels are considerably shorter than those in Phantomile and put a far greater emphasis on exploration. PLUS! This game marks the best first appearance of what everyone's in this thread for. THE GOD DAMN HOVERBOARD!!

All this good is balanced out by what might be one of the most hilariously stupid stories to ever infect a videogame even once we leave aside the complete ignorance of Door to Phantomile's brilliant ending. Prepare this emote because I have a feeling you'll be using it a lot.