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Knights in the Nightmare

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Part 12: Scene 5. New Knight class: Duelist. Hiding mechanics.

8. Scene 5. New Knight class: Duelist. Hiding mechanics.


Dreyuss Koubelka of the 11th order
“Wow, the world is a pretty big place.”

Class: Archer says this of Dreyuss:
“A pure-hearted boy from the countryside who has a hard time finding his way in the royal city. He shows great promise with his bow.”
The Tome of Lost Souls says:
Eagle Eye
“He is an excellent Archer, and he knows it. Dreyuss has a tendency to be blunt and rude at times, but he always means well. For a young man who spends most of his day focusing intently on targets, measuring wind speeds, and searching for strategic firing locations, he has a surprisingly horrible sense of direction. Dreyuss studied archery under Legaard, and he is fortunate to have Frances looking after him like an older sister.”

Firenz Hanover of the 11th order

“Consume the drink, but don’t let the drink consume you!”
Class: Warrior says this of Firenz:
“An able-bodied soldier known to frequent the city’s bars. He’s seen much of the world, giving him an empathetic heart. He cares for many people.”
The Tome of Lost Souls says:
Trusty Blade
“He has a bit of a sensitive side and loves to work with children. Firenz can always find the good qualities in people, and that has helped him make many friends. When he has free time, he drinks with Bonn, but he will never admit to actually being drunk…”