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Knights in the Nightmare

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Part 13: Scene 6: Suspicion in the Air. New Knight class: Wizard

9. Scene 6: Suspicion in the Air. New Knight class: Wizard

Bailey Y. Fender

"So I wasn't cut out for this after all..."
Class: Warrior says this of Bailey:
“He joins the Knights on an impulse, as though to spite his frail body. He comes to regret it, however, as he discovers just how inexperienced he is.”
The Tome of Lost Souls says this:
Curious Prodigy
"He is a rash and foolhardy young man who is quite immature. He became a knight solely because he thought it would afford him more opportunities to see the world, but now he has begun to regret that decision. He can sense how similar his life is to Colt's."

Frances Mervyl

“No matter where I go, I don’t fit in…”
Class: Hermit says this of Frances:
“A good friend of Roslip, Frances feels lonely having to work so far away from her. She lacks confidence, and depends on others to make it through the day.”
The Tome of Lost Souls says this:
Shadow Spirit
"The youngest of seven sisters, she has very low confidence in herself and derives most of her strength and happiness from those around her. Frances is brokenhearted that she and her friend Roslip are not serving in the same order. Fortunately, she can depend on Erica to help her make it through the day."

Erica Val Eh Sokolov

“My pride is born of my knighthood, not my social standing.”
Class: Duelist says this of Erica:
“A noble woman who became a knight, despising the idea of treating the upper-crust society any differently than the working class. She works to restore the country.”
The Tome of Lost Souls says this:
Celestial Fencer
"She was born into nobility but quickly learned to hate class distinctions and prejudice. Once day, Erica would like to be a housewife and take care of a family, but she feels compelled to serve her kingdom as a knight. She trained alongside Seriee, and has taken it upon herself to look after Frances."