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Part 14: Scene 7: Sacrificial Lambs. New Knight class: Priestess

10. Scene 7: Sacrificial Lambs. New Knight class: Priestess

Alonso Updike of the 11th Order

“What do you mean I talk too loud!?”
Class: Lance Knight says this of Alonso:
”A spear-wielder, Alonso is highly critical of others and slightly arrogant. People know him for his booming voice.”
The Tome of Lost Souls says this:
Savage Impaler
”He looks after the rest of the order almost obsessively. Alonso’s expert knowledge on spears is almost unmatched, and local blacksmiths are nervous about dealing with him because of it. However, what Alonso is best known for is being a very loud talker, and his comrades talk about it behind his back frequently. He is aware of how loud he is, but he has no desire to lower his volume.”

Rolenta Ellenhart of the 2nd Order

“No longer shall I be used!”
Class: Hermit says this of Rolenta:
”A castle guard, Rolenta was born into a common family. Despising her lineage, she is quick to anger and quicker still to despise those of nobility.”
The Tome of Lost Souls says this:
Prophet of Ruin
”Her mother abandoned her family while Rolenta was very young, and it scarred her emotionally. She has trouble getting close to people sometimes, even now. The only person she trusts is Flora, who she gained as a stepsister when her father remarried. As a commoner, Rolenta has great disdain for the upper classes, but no matter how much she pretends to hate Schmitz, she is secretly attracted to him.”

Rolf Rolinger of the 11th Order

“I may lack experience, but I want to protect these people too.”
Class: Wizard says this of Rolf:
”A young, humble knight showing great promise. Some even consider him a potential successor to Gunther, though he would never admit he was capable of such a feat.”
The Tome of Lost Souls says this:
Burning Tiger
”He is an impressively talented young Wizard who climbed the ranks quickly. He continually strives to better himself for the kingdom’s sake, but he knows he still has much left to learn. To many, Rolf is a model example of what a knight should be. Unlike some of the other Generals, Rolf is not able to hold his alcohol as well as he would like to.”