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Part 16: Scene 8: Gathering of the Four.

12. Scene 8: Gathering of the Four.

Simone Alexei of the 2nd Order

Class: Priestess says this of Simone:
No entry!
The Tome of Lost Souls says this:
Ivory Disciple
”Her gentle, caring, motherly personality has garnered her immense popularity among her peers. From time to time, she acts as a fortuneteller, and many consider her readings to be very accurate. She and Cress have been very close since the two entered knighthood, and Simone trusts her with her deepest secrets.”

Crozeph Ross Arlay of the 4th Order

“There will only be one to whom I open my heart.”
Class: Lance Knight says this of Crozeph:
”An intelligent officer of the 4th Order. She can be aloof, but underneath she hides a gentle heart. A capable writer, she tossed that aside to become a knight.”
The Tome of Lost Souls says this:
Fiery Heart
”She is loyal and noble, but she cuts herself off to everyone around her except her childhood friend, Raphael. She does not believe in having many friends because she cannot bear to see people she cares about get hurt or die. She is also a talented writer and sometimes speaks in metaphors. Many of her comrades find her aloofness attractive, and Crozeph frequently receives love letters from both men and women!”

Lillian I. Amnoble 4th Order

“I’ve never had many friends.”
Class: Duelist says this of Lillian:
”Though not much of a knight in attitude, she is devoted to her kingdom and the people within it. She is good friends with Annalot, wishing her success in her prayers.”
The Tome of Lost Souls says this:
Elegant Force
”Although responsible and highly capable, Lillian much prefers the social aspects of knighthood. She loves looking after children and playing games with them, and she wishes she could spend more time with her childhood friend, Annalot.”


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