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Part 17: Scene 9: Her Own Purpose.

13. Scene 9: Her Own Purpose.

Bonita Yorick of the 11th Order

“We knights must always see the bigger picture.”
Class: Duelist says this of Bonita:
”Despite being a troubled child, Bonita is known in the knight kingdom for being one with true common sense who won’t hold back from speaking her mind.”
The Tome of Lost Souls says this:
High Inquisitor
”Always brash and bold when expressing her opinions, she does not hesitate to say what is on her mind. Bonita was a problem child growing up, but Jorgen helped straighten her out. Bonita hates Juno because she feels Juno embodies what she herself used to be.”

Frieber Will Permeal of the 2nd Order

“A teacher’s finest moment is when the student surpasses him. Such is my daughter.”
Class: Wizard says this of Frieber:
”A divorced man who devoted himself to his daughter, Annalot. Though he is getting on in age, he is well respected and still lends his expertise to the young knights.”
The Tome of Lost Souls says this:
Sable Adept
”He is a veteran Wizard who cares deeply for his peers, but his greatest concern in life is the welfare of his daughter, Annalot. Frieber spends a lot of time with Lillian and Hilgard, and he treats them like family. As he grows older, he does not cling to the past, but rather, he embraces the younger generation of knights who will one day be taking over.”

Lyzz Linda Ragford of the 2nd Order

“People know I work hard. But the truth is, I lack the confidence to do any less.”
Class: Priestess says this of Lyzz:
”Orphaned at a young age, Lyzz became a quiet admirer of the skilled knights around her. She can often be found playing her flute.”
The Tome of Lost Souls says this:
Light Bringer
”Her loving parents passed away while Lyzz was very young, and she was adopted by Isabel. She is constantly unsure of herself, so she puts everything she has into each task she undertakes. When Lyzz joined the knights, Ernest saw she had great potential but lacked the confidence, so he took her under his wing. She has also become good friends with Woosh, and she holds all her superiors in high regard.”