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Part 18: Scene 10: Liberator's Proposal. The Armored Maiden joins us.

14. Scene 10: Liberator's Proposal. The Armored Maiden joins us.

Knights we recruited last time:
Staehel Rudolila of the 11th Order

Class: Archer says this of Staehel:
No entry!
The Tome of Lost Souls says this:
Infernal Lightning
”Always the honorable and humble Archer, he is loved by all his subordinates. Upon receiving his promotion, Staehel’s friends gave him a brand new bow, but he used it so much that it broke. He is currently searching for a master fletcher to repair it. While his unit is often criticized for being too relaxed, he firmly believes that nothing prepares for battle better than high morale and a hearty laugh. He greatly respects Walder.”

Annalot Ella Permeal of the 4th Order

“I won’t hamper my father with my inexperience.”
Class: Lance Knight says this of Annalot:
”The young daughter of Freiber, Annalot believes she lacks experience, yet exhibits a kind, stately maturity. She is both strong-willed and noble.”
The Tome of Lost Souls says this:
Noble Cub
”One of the newest and youngest recruits, Annalot tries hard to hone her skills and to take after her father, Freiber. She has been friends with Lillian since they were in school together, and Lillian loves to remind her of her embarrassing childhood nickname, ‘Clumsy Anna’.”

Nina H. Answorth of the 4th Order

“In reality, I’m a knight. In truth, I will never be...”
Class: Duelist says this of Nina:
”The younger sister of Hampton. Her family has served the kingdom as knights for generations, and she was no exception despite being unfit to do so.”
The Tome of Lost Souls says this:
Dutiful Slicer
”She is a weak and timid young girl who only joined the knights to carry on the family tradition. She is constantly worried she is not cut out to be a knight, and she would much rather be in another line of work. Fortunately, she can find strength in her brother, Hampton, her friend, Annalot, and her supervisor, Reinhart.”