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Part 23: Scene 14: Wings of Darkness.

18. Scene 14: Wings of Darkness.  Boss fight! Clash with the Fallen Angel Melissa.

Diora Rene Eh Mahana of the 2nd Order
“As knights, we raise our swords for the people whenever the need arises.”
Class: Hermit says this of Diora:
“An optimistic, happy girl who joined the knights to defend the people of the kingdom. She bravely forms the Resistance Squad with Bergman.”
The Tome of Lost Souls says:
Faith’s Refuge
“Although she is a brave and capable fighter, she is known for her discretion and her ability to chose her battles calmly and rationally. Very outgoing, she is more likely to be found fighting for her friends or countrymen than for herself or the kingdom. She has great respect for Bergman, her superior, and she tries hard to encourage Annalot, whom she feels has great leadership potential.”
**Note: The “Amartia” Diora is referring to here is her race. The Knights each belong to one of six races, listed on their stat page. Erica is Amartia as well; it seems Amartians have a darker complexion than most of the other Knights. Race does come up in the story (see Hilgard’s comments in the flashback cutscene from this video). At least one major character is known for being a racist piece of shit, but it’s not very overt. I’ll try to have it come up in Pause Talks.

Hilgard Rei Merkitas of the 2nd Order *note: her images are a little messed up because I had to take screengrabs from youtube, lol

“This is a conspiracy. Make no mistake of it.”
Class: Duelist says this of Hilgard:
“A pessimist at heart, she often compares herself to her knightly comrades in hopes of finding redeeming qualities in herself. It seems she is aware of some secretive information...”
The Tome of Lost Souls says this:
Striking Lily
"A pessimistic young woman who tends to over-think the situations she is in, Hilgard is often fawned over by the men around her. Her best friend is Janus, whom she thinks of as an older sister at times. When tragedy swept Aventheim, she was one of the first to be caught in the middle of it…"