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Part 27: Scene 15: Fruitless Efforts

19. Scene 15: Fruitless Efforts


Gieche Gigas Siegel of the 1st Order

“I will keep my promise...”
Class: Wizard says this of Gieche:
“Hailing from a noble family, Gieche became one of the king’s most loyal retainers. As such, he has seen the inner conflicts of the royal family first-hand, and would lay his life down in the name of the king.”
The Tome of Lost Souls says:
Loyal Mastermind
“He is a charismatic, sharp-looking fellow with an undying devotion to the King. Gieche is the older brother of Colt and the son of Gaston, and he is close to the King, which gives him insight into the goings-on of the castle and into the conflict between the King and the Prince. He is willing to lay down his life for the King.”

Josef Jarvis Hertz of the 2nd Order

Class: Warrior says this of Gieche:
No entry!
The Tome of Lost Souls says:
Stone Arm
“He is a grizzled veteran who has fought in countless battles, but somehow, Josef always manages to have a smile on his face. Because he constantly jokes around with his peers, he is frequently scolded by Minotta. However, when it is time for battle, he becomes a completely different person. Josef takes combat seriously, and his leadership is an asset to the order. He often worries about his niece Aura, who is growing up in a strict household.”


Illustrator Yoshinori Iwanaga posted:

I went to great lengths designing her weapons and her limbs. She needed to give off the opposite impression of redacted!. There was a storm of redo requests and demands for additional parts. She really wasn’t an easy character to draw, but I’m glad I got to work on her. *laugh*

Game Designer Ito posted:

I really wanted a more seductive look, but I was having trouble with her. The note on (Creative Designer) Ms. Kiyuduki’s original design called for her to be bare and only partially covered. The other big concern was just trying to make her fit on the paper…That’s why I bent her wings inward! *laugh*

*note: be prepared for a lot of comments about how the characters would barely fit on the paper, it comes up a lot