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Part 31: Scene 19: The Lost Dominion

23. Scene 19: The Lost Dominion


Oswald J. Titus of the 10th Order

”Lady Frabela is to be admired. She never loses sight of herself.”
Class: Archer say this of Oswald:
”One of Frabela’s most trusted subordinates, he is an excellent judge of character, and an expert archer.”
The Tome of Lost Souls says:
Cheerful Raptor
“One of General Frabela’s favorites, he is treated more like a brother than a subordinate. Many feel that with his skills, Oswald would make a great General one day, but unfortunately, he does not hold his talent in such high regard. He is considered one of the top five Archers in the kingdom and was even offered a position in the 1st Order, but he declined it. His mistrust for Ganosh was a large factor in this decision.”

Fritz Rupio Oh Dayan of the 9th Order

”The only way to win a war is with a smile.”
Class: Warrior say this of Fritz:
”A man who puts on a gruff exterior, but is in truth full of cheer and optimism. He takes it upon himself to entertain his comrades.”
The Tome of Lost Souls says:
Barreling Ox
“He is a gruff man with a very unrefined vocabulary. Deep down, Fritz is genuinely kindhearted and loyal. Before becoming a knight, he used to deliver packages with Gilder. He holds Rolf in very high regard, and he is often worried about Cornela.”