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Knights in the Nightmare

by HaroldofTheRock

Part 35: Scene 22: The Desperate Cardinal

26. Scene 22: The Desperate Cardinal. Boss Fight! Clash with the Fallen Angel Melissa -- Round 3

Knights we recruited last time:
Oryze Vid Eh Dapho of the 9th Order

”I want to become strong, like Seriee…”
Class: Duelist say this of Oryze:
”Becoming a knight at the age of 15, she is seen as a promising candidate for greatness under the tutelage of Granitz. However, she lacks experience.”
The Tome of Lost Souls says:
Chirping Sparrow
“She is currently the youngest knight in the kingdom, and all her comrades are amazed by her. In truth, she is much more immature than people realize she is, and she is still very naïve about the world around her. Professionally, she idolizes Seriee and hopes to be as skilled as her one day.”

Pictured: Oryze alive just outside Aventheim Castle. This was the opening cutscene for Scene 15, right after we fought and beat Melissa for the first time. You can briefly see Melissa's shadow pass over Oryze; I like to think she was fleeing. At any rate: Oryze, alive Scene 15, dead by Scene 21.

Dahlia E. Laverly of the 6th Order

”People think I have a hard time staying on topic…”
Class: Priestess say this of Dahlia:
”She is very emotional and talkative; her words and mannerisms give others the impression that she has not yet reached maturity.”
The Tome of Lost Souls says:
Gentle Tide
“Perhaps afraid of silence, Dahlia constantly feels the need to talk. She tries her best to lighten people’s moods and be social, but unfortunately, her comrades are often irritated by how talkative she is. In formal situations, she gets nervous easily and usually resorts to telling jokes that no one but her seems to understand.”