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Part 36: Scene 23: The Witch's Pawn

27. Scene 23: The Witch's Pawn

Knights we recruited last time
Baltar Bert Brouden of the 5th Order

”Gudrun…Be safe!”
Class: Wizard say this of Baltar:
”An educated man who better fits the role of a scholar than a knight. Though he has a daughter at home whom he spoils, he treats Gudrun as a part of his family.”
The Tome of Lost Souls says:
Hopeful Sky
“Before joining the knights, he was a respected educator and researcher. He has a daughter, Maimi, whom he spoils, and he gives similar treatment to Gudrun, one of his subordinates who looks and acts a lot like his daughter. Before being injured and let go, Garick once served under Baltar.”

Alive in Regnieberg during the intro to Scene 3. He is referring to the theft of the king’s soul; the knights don’t know what was stolen.

Maimi, Baltar’s daughter and an NPC encountered in Scene 7, which was in Regnieberg, overrun with mosters. She’s dead in that scene.

Caline Rheia Dickson of the 7th Order

”Only a fool would concern himself with my fate…”
Class: Duelist say this of Caline:
”A realist of a knight, she is often perceived as cold, but proper. She has little faith in humanity and its penchant for war.”
The Tome of Lost Souls says:
Garnet Zephyr
“Although she is a cold realist who is very direct with her choice of words, Caline’s heart is filled with an intense loneliness and a hatred for war. Much of her day is spent criticizing Werner and Nina, whom she views as weak. It is only around Theonil that she feels comfortable letting her guard down.”