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Part 39: Scene 25: The Heart Astray

30. Scene 25: The Heart Astray. Boss Fight! Clash with the Gladiator Leonil

Knights we recruited last time:
Minotta Y. Irving 9th Order

”Don’t remind me of the Cardinal! Don’t even speak his name!”
Class: Hermit say this of Minotta:
”A knight who is usually quiet and kind, but is to be feared when her temper ignites. She keeps the two middle-aged delinquents in her order in line.”
The Tome of Lost Souls says:
Emerald Observer
“She is very serious about her duties and takes it upon herself to act as a big sister to her peers. Although she is usually calm and composed, Minotta has been known to become so heatedly angry that her temper is legendary among the other knights. She is a very fast learner and keen observer, and she despises Cardinal Capehorn with every fiber of her being. She takes special care to watch over Anette and care for her.”

Theonil L. Algren 9th Order

”Is Caline acting like a baby again?”
Class: Warrior say this of Theonil:
”A laid-back knight with an easy-going attitude. Friendly and approachable, he is also innocent and child-like at times.”
The Tome of Lost Souls says:
Lackadaisical Cloud
“Somewhat of a lazy oaf, Theonil spends most of his days eating Gert’s cooking, sleeping, and goofing off. This includes days in which he has actual duties to perform. The worries of the kingdom are of no concern to him, and he would rather spend time being unproductive with Jungwil and Josef. Although Theonil gets along with Cornela, his true feelings are toward Caline.”
Dunno if this is relevant