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Part 41: Scene 26: The Rise of the Witch

31. Scene 26: The Rise of the Witch

Knights we recruited last time
Morozof Mohr Jensen of the 5th Order

”The Cardinal’s knowledge surpasses that of an average human…”
Class: Warrior say this of Morozof:
”A highly intelligent general who is revered for his sage-like wisdom. He has a penchant for good drink, and good company.”
The Tome of Lost Souls says:
Grand Sage
“Morozof is a veteran commander with an incredible insight into all matters, and he was the first to notice the conspiracy against the Prince. Outside of his knightly duties, Morozof takes great pleasure in drinking with his old time friends: Rondine and Granitz.”

Atkasia N. Velden of the 5th Order

”Neredo has been a problem since she was a child.”
Class: Duelist say this of Atkasia:
”The slightly more mature half of the two sisters. She is stern with both herself and others.”
The Tome of Lost Souls says:
Scarlet Rage
“She is Neredo’s older and more mature sister. Atkasia can be just as brash and cocky as her younger sister, but she has enough self-reflection to control herself. Nevertheless, she and her sister still argue with each other like young children, and it can upset their comrades, especially Lakshmi.”


Illustrator Kiyuduki posted:

I received approval for the weapon designs first, but then I was in a bind because I had to envision a way of making him actually hold them…! The only thing I could dream up was for him to wear one on his waist and to carry two on his back, hooked onto spikes.

Game Designer Ito posted:

Regarding Leonil, people want to hire him because he’s so skilled with the sword. He’s the kind of guy who takes pride in the fact that his ability is what keeps him alive. We designed him like a villain in both appearance and personality, and I hope that’s easy to understand, especially since even we had trouble understanding the story at times.