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Part 42: Scene 27: A Man with a Lion's Heart

32. Scene 27: A Man with a Lion's Heart. Boss Fight! Clash with the Sniper Aquina

Bordeau Bach Fredric of the 1st Order

”Our king belongs on his throne.”
Class: Archer say this of Bordeau:
”A man who lives to serve the king in his every move. His skilled decision making and quick reactions win him the respect of his order.”
The Tome of Lost Souls says:
Standing Reed
“Though he appears exceptionally slender and frail, his is actually quite hearty. Bordeau is a quiet man who believes actions speak louder than words. He may not always voice just how proud he is to be a knight or how loyal to the King he truly is. Some find him to be socially awkward at times, but he has been fortunate enough to earn the trust and respect of many key individuals.”

Rudolf M. Kialoster of the 5th Order

”I have nothing but regrets…”
Class: Lance Knight say this of Rudolf:
”An expert spearman, Rudolf is known for his martial knowledge. He and his wife, Magda, undertook the knight’s oath together.”
The Tome of Lost Souls says:
Hallowed Protector
“Contrary to the philosophy of many, Rudolf strongly believes that the best offense is a good defense. As such, he is an obsessive collector and expert on different types of armor, and those around him are often forced to listen to him ramble on for days at a time. He suspected Cardinal Capehorn had ordered the assassination of Azhan, and he laments not having taken action to stop it. He is married to Magda, another knight.”

Note: Azhan is (was?) the leader of the Tiamats. We have seen a few pause talks from Alonso referring to him.