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Part 43: Scene 28: The Eye of the Battle

33. Scene 28: The Eye of the Battle

Seriee D. Colaine of the 5th Order

”I hone my skill with a sword every day. I will lose to no one.”
Class: Duelist say this of Seriee:
”Throwing aside any notion of feminine social expectations, Seriee became a master of the sword. Often mistaken for a man, she is not to be trifled with.”
The Tome of Lost Souls says:
Graceful Brute
“Having been hardened by battle, Seriee has forsaken her softer, feminine side and devoted her life to studying the sword. Unfortunately, because of this, she is often mistaken for a man. Seriee is very stubborn and does not like relying on others, and this can make her comrades worry at times. She has a friendly rivalry with Erica.”

Basturk Tas Oh Tubek of the 5th Order

”Those brilliant memories…Perhaps they were merely a dream.”
Class: Warrior say this of Basturk:
”An experienced and dependable subordinate of Rondine. He has seen many comrades fall in battle; the fact that he still lives is a testament to his prowess.”
The Tome of Lost Souls says:
Cunning Hawk
“A hearty and experienced combatant, he is General Rondine’s right-hand man. Having endured many hardships, including the death of his longtime friend Levi, Basturk’s hardened composure sometimes reveals traces of the sorrow in his heart.”


Illustrator Kiyuduki posted:

In terms of design, I really don’t know how much the sprite artist and the designer would be picking up after me and cleaning my work, so I tried to flesh her out as much as possible. Aquina’s weapon is a prime example of this. The only instruction (Game Designer) Mr. Ito had given me was she should carry a rapid-fire bowgun, and I spend a long time trying to figure out how such a weapon would look and function.