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Part 49: Scene 32: The Accursed Ones

37. Scene 32: The Accursed Ones

Knight we recruited last time
Misleen Eri Berton of the 7th Order

”Though I am a knight, I fear to harm others…”
Class: Priestess say this of Misleen:
”A low ranking priestess whose frailty proves her undoing in physical tasks. She keeps a supply of medicinal herbs at her side.”
The Tome of Lost Souls says:
Dusk Requiem
“She did not enter knighthood to fight, but rather, she wants to help those in need. Misleen is a somewhat sickly girl who has been relying on Yantana’s herbs her whole life. It pains her that her body is so weak because she wishes she could help more people. She and Kulich have been good friends since before joining the knights.”

Misleen was in the Crypt when monsters appeared