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Part 53: Scene 36: In Possession of the Body

41. Scene 36: In Possession of the Body

Knight we recruited last time
Otto L.O. Croney of the 12th Order

”The strong will survive. That’s all there is to it.”
Class: Lance Knight say this of Otto:
”A bitter, anti-social man who refuses to trust anyone. Rumors abound that the Cardinal has paid him off.”
The Tome of Lost Souls says:
Devious Dragon
“The loss of his love, Lutecia, turned him into a bitter and pessimistic man. He is gruff and often anti-social, trusting no one except Hagen and Sarland. Otto does not care about the methods undertaken in order to accomplish a mission. He has mixed feelings towards Natalie, who looks a lot like Lutecia.

Boss fight from last time: Vienna the Ashen

Illustrator Kiyuduki posted:

For some reason, since the time of Yggdra Union, witch character designs tend to receive approval without requiring many modifications. However, for her, the orders I was initially given were a little strange. “Design a witch named Vienna and her familiar, Monya.” *laugh* I remember imagining a strong-minded girl and her soothing familiar spirit when I heard the names, but for some reason, I decided to design the opposite of what I’d imagined. I came up with an introverted girl and an erratic familiar. Sometime after the designs got the okay, the familiar’s name was revised too.