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Part 58: Scene 40: Placing of the Seal

45. Scene 40: Placing of the Seal

Knight we recruited last time
Alfred Alois Dias of the 3rd Order

“All that I do, I do in Yelma’s name.”
Class: Lance Knight say this of Alfred:
”A man who works towards his goals, putting insignificant details aside. He is a dedicated and zealous subordinate of Yelma, and it is said he is quite skilled with a lance.”
The Tome of Lost Souls says:
Unwavering Spear
“He is a handsome and often idolized young man, and people have described his graceful fighting style as though he is dancing with his spear. Recently, though, his behavior has changed a lot. He seems to have little patience for anyone, with the exception of his undying loyalty to Yelma, which perplexes many.”