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Part 61: Scene 42: The Princess' Pride

47. Scene 42: The Princess' Pride

Knight we recruited last time
Enite Toro Eh Keilos of the 6th Order

“I’ve never stood out much, anyway.”
Class: Dueslit say this of Enite:
”A girlish knight who looks upon Algiery with the utmost adoration and respect. Her loyalty to her order is unfaltering.”
The Tome of Lost Souls says:
Crimson Frost
“She is a seductive woman who is direct with her emotions and her words. Enite idolizes Algiery, and distrusts anyone who does not like the young General. She has known Amalgun since childhood, but recently, the two have had their differences. Enite is also friends with Hydrick, and she worries about him constantly.”

Boss fight from last time: Devout Sacchtio

Illustrator Kiyuduki posted:

Sacchito was one of my first boss character designs, and I spent awhile trying to plan how she’d move and how her cards would look.

Game Designer Ito posted:

We gave this character cards which weren’t intended to be used as game mechanics at all but which were just simply accessories. Instead, I really wanted her to use some type of illusion ability to protect the Sanctuary, and I imagined the cards fluttering around as her bullets.