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Part 62: Scene 43: The Witch's Vexation

48. Scene 43: The Witch's Vexation

Knight we recruited last time
Lucia Riese Eh Krauz of the 6th Order

“Lady Algiery was framed! She has done no wrong!”
Class: Hermit say this of Lucia:
”Despite her figure, Lucia has been known to eat and drink in excess. She and Legro are often found working together.”
The Tome of Lost Souls says:
Alluring Angel
“As someone who tends to blend in rather than stand out, she became a perfect candidate for espionage missions. Lucia is known for having a large appetite, and the only person she is exceptionally close to is Legro. She was assigned to track General Algiery’s movements, but her adoration for her commander has left her feeling conflicted...”

Lucia, along with Marion, found the corpse of the prince after we killed him.