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Part 63: Scene 44: Distant Memories

49. Scene 44: Distant Memories. Boss Fight! Clash with Princess Alier

Knights we recruited last time
Algiery Merza Ectole of the 6th Order

“I’ve lost my home and even my love…What is my purpose now?”
Class: Priestess say this of Algiery:
”The commander of the 6th Order, placed in this charge by King Wilmgard himself. She is exceptionally talented and known for her kindness, beauty, and speed. It is said she and the king were romantically involved.”
The Tome of Lost Souls says:
Devoted Guardian
“She is a compassionate and talented knight who climbed the ranks at an impressive speed. Her beauty and personality have helped her gain the trust of many of the knights, and she leads the 6th Order as fairly and justly as she knows how. Algiery’s love for the King drives her to succeed in everything she does, and she considers General Frabela to be a close friend.”

Yavuz Rolef Walesner of the 3rd Order

Class: Wizard say this of Yavuz:
No Entry!
The Tome of Lost Souls says:
Constant Scholar
“He is a conflicted intellectual, and although he acts tough and cold, he is deeply concerned for the people around him. He is reluctant to pry into other people’s personal lives, and in battle, he is always calm and rational. Yavuz was ordered by Yelma to track General Algiery, but he has moral reservations with carrying out this mission…”