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Part 64: Scene 45: An Ambition to Transcend All

50. Scene 45: An Ambition to Transcend All

Knight we recruited last time
Marion Mel Zweig of the 8th Order

“I shall cut down the foes of our kingdom, or be cut down by them. I accept either.”
Class: Lance Knight say this of Marion:
”An elegant officer of the 8th Order, Marion commands even Vishna’s respect, and returns it in some capacity. She regrets the state of affairs in the world.”
The Tome of Lost Souls says:
Slender Thorn
“She is an elegant but powerful knight that even General Vishna holds in high regard. She has a strong hatred for war and is worried about the state of the kingdom. Therefore, she is not happy with her orders to keep an eye on Yelma and kill her at the first sign of suspicious activity. Marion has known Annalot since they went to school together.”

Marion, along with Lucia, found the corpse of the prince after we killed him.

Boss fight from last time: Princess Alier

Game Designer Ito posted:

It was toward the end of the design phase when we decided on how Tiamats should look. As such, it took a lot of trial and error to ensure that the size of the wings wouldn’t interfere with all the human-sized characters we’d already finalized.

Illustrator Tobe posted:

When I submitted my first rough draft of her, it was rejected. I was told to add more decorations to make her look more like royalty. All I did was a wrap her horns with lace and thicken her makeup, though, because she already had so many decorations. I was disappointed I couldn't add more.