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Part 16: Nar Shaddaa: Domo Arigato, Mister Goto

Last we left off, Jedi Jesus was getting deep fried by the invisible hand of Goto:

Zez-Kai Ell, the lost Jedi. He said he was going go rescue Mira, but he's a worthless tool, so he gets here way too late.

Kreia shows up too, but she's late as well. Jesus has been carted off already.

Turns out Hanharr wasn't quite done yet. At least Visquis in the background there looks dead enough.

"I have saved your life, beast. That makes it mine."

"Why... why do you do this?! Why... did you not let me die?!"
"Because I need you to hunt, beast. This prey is something you have chased all your life... you are born and bred to it, like no predator before you."
"You want me to hunt the human Jeedai, the exile - and kill h-"
"No, that you shall not do. You will not bring harm to the exile - and if you do, beast, I shall break you. The screams of your tribe of primitives, the scene of lying blinded with the huntresses' blaster at your skull, I shall make it so that is all you hear and see for the rest of your days."
"Even your madness will not save you if you bring harm to the exile. Know this."
"Kill me... I cannot bear the weight of another life-debt... kill me, or I swear I shall kill you."
"Ah, the life-debts of your people... the life-debt you have twisted with your hate. I felt it within you."

The line about the "screams of your tribe of primitives" was left out; I've put it back where it was suppose to go. I don't know why it got cut. It was like, the best line.

"The pain will pass... I was able to heal some of the wounds, but the rest must remain. You will need that pain when you travel, and it will give you strength for the hunt to come."
"Where... where can I find Mira?"
"I will tell you where you must go. If you survive that place, then she will come to you."

There's some debate as to what the hell Kreia was trying to do here exactly. She's basically set Hanharr loose again to chase after Mira, but for no real reason it seems. The game never actually bothers to explain it after this, so you're left to guess for yourself.

My guess? It's the whole Echani philosophy again. It goes back to what she says back on the Ebon Hawk:

Mira's animosity with Hanharr was what made her as strong and tough as she was in the first place, and I think Kreia wanted that conflict to continue as a test to Mira's determination. WHY Kreia knows this, I don't know, but that's been my read on this scene.

But just because it's never really explained again, doesn't mean it's the last time we see Hanharr. One of the reasons the missing ending content was so frustrating was that the writing in the first 80% of the game follows Chekhov's Gun heavily. Even the tiniest little asides from way back in Peragus have a payoff somewhere; if something sounded like a conversational dead end, then it definitely wasn't. A good example was the picking of your lightsaber colour; it didn't have any immediate consequences at the time, but all of a sudden it shows up in Atris's hand.

And then you reach the end of the game and the payoffs completely stop instead of picking up steam. That's when people start getting angry. Thankfully, the Hanharr 'gun' does fire by the end of the third act.

"We took out Visquis, but Goto has him... and that means no bounty for me."

Mira meets back up with Atton and the others. There's some crazy bugginess if Mira was stealthed when she escaped the compound, because she remains stealthed here and Atton can't see her. And then... the game stops. That's what reloads are for.

"There's no way to get him back. No one knows how to reach Goto except Visquis, and that squid-head died in the Jekk'Jekk Tarr. The only way to reach Goto is if we had a Jedi, but now, he's got your friend, he doesn't have anybody else he wants captured..."
"How does Goto hide his ship?"
"He's got a cloaking device. He's the one that arranges the meetings on his ship, and until then, he can't be found. Trust me, if anyone knew how to track his ship, he'd have every bounty hunter and criminal on Nar Shaddaa gunning for it."
[Intelligence] "But wait - Vogga the Hutt's freighters keep getting intercepted by Goto."
"Yeah, you're right - but his warehouse is shut down because of it, he's not sending any more flights out."

"Goto's been preying on Vogga's freighters for a while now - it's the reason Vogga's had to haul his bulk up here to Nar Shaddaa from Nal Hutta. Even with all the traffic around Nar Shaddaa, Goto seems to always know which ones are Vogga's, and his ship just snaps them up. Probably does it by tracking their transponder codes, but no one knows how he's getting them."

"I guess. You'd need to get the codes first, then retrofit your ship so it had the right transponder signal."

So basically, we need to disguise the Ebon Hawk as one of Vogga the Hutt's ships, then trick Goto into intercepting us.

Fortunately, T3-M4 is way ahead of Atton and Mira.

This rat thing is the Pazaak card champ from the cantina. His name is... the Champ.

"Deet doo deet."

This is our fun little solo mission for T3 that firmly establishes how awesome he is.

We're in here to grab Vogga's ship transponder codes. Smash and grab job. First droid to talk to is the C6 unit.

"I think he should be replaced or shipped down to maintenance to direct droids there, but I cannot seem to convince my masters of the logic of the request."
"Vreet? Dee... Deet."
"Oh, I wouldn't go that far, despite what others would say. A number designation for a C7 unit means far more than an integer increase. But then, you are a new model yourself, I wouldn't expect you to understand how it feels."
"Well, if the C7 unit were to be disabled, my programming would require me to take over his responsibilities in his absence."

This is the C7 unit guarding the door. We have to get past him somehow.

"Bee-reeeet. Deet-deet."

I'm going to point out that during this entire sequence, you have no idea what the hell T3 is saying.

And yet, you know exactly what he's saying.

"Bee-deet, deet."

"Beee-deet, bee-reeeet! Deeet, deet!"

"Deeet, deet!"
"How dreadful!"

T3 murders an innocent droid.

C6 kindly opens the door for us.

Remember these two droid clowns from Telos Citadel Station? T1-N1 and B-4D4?

Last time we saw them, they were at the air terminal planning on stowing away on a flight to Nar Shaddaa, but we (sadly) never see them again. Did you know they were suppose to be guarding one of the doors in this warehouse? And that T1-N1 and our T3-M4 get into a heated beeping argument about T1-N1's 'size'?

"This area is restricted, please return to your designated area."
"Please excuse my companion, he is easily excitable and takes our duty very seriously. In the hopes of avoiding an incident, I ask you to please return to your post."
"Beep boop."
"Door? I'm sorry, I don't believe I know what you are referring to."
[Awareness] "Beep boop."
"You must be mistaken. There is nothing of the sort - now, please, move along."
"Beep boop."
"Lying to you? But that would go against my programming. Please, as I said, you should return to your post."
"Bee-reeeet. Deet-deet."
"Beee-deet?! Bweep-bweep-breet."
"Bee-reeeet. Deet-deet."
"Now now, T1-N1. He is right about your size, being touchy about it won't change anything."
"Really! You're much too sensitive about these things."
"Beep boop!"
"Oh my. This was what I was afraid of - you have made him angry."

T3-M4 and T1-N1 fight to the death!

*pew pew*
*pew pew* *pew pew*

After T3 wins:

"I don't know what came over my companion. He has always been excitable, but recently he's been like this."
"There was nothing I could do to stop him, and if I tried to leave, he would threaten me! Now I am free, thanks to you."

Jeez, I'm running out of droid emoticons to use.

At the back of the warehouse is the ship control area.

But first we have to solve this puzzle. I love puzzles!

Basically we have to get the top code to match the bottom code, by rotating a block of 2x2 letters. You get 3 rotates to finish it. Damned if I remember how I solved this because I totally forgot to screencap it, so I guess I'll do it here.


Center CCW


Right CW


Left CCW


I think that's right.

"Dee-deet? Deet?"
"I monitor the transponder codes of all ships leaving the docks, then transmit departure information for any of Vogga the Hutt's freighters."
"The information is sent to a remote computer system."

To a remote computer system? Sounds like Goto. How did Goto get the droids down here to transmit the secret ship codes to him? Strange.

Well we have what we came for, let's bail.

Uh oh. Those definitely look like HK-50 assassin droids.

Let's mine the shit out of the place, just in case.

"Beee-deet, bee-reeeet! Deeet, deet!"
"Surprised Statement: You are foolish to think we will allow you to take that information back to your master."
"Beee-deet, bee-reeeet!"
"Amused Query: I think you will find the odds are somewhat in our favor. Now, will you be giving us the codes, or not?"
"Deeet, deet! Beee-deet, bee-reeeet! Deeet, deet!"

The odds don't look good.

Good job stepping all over the mines, guys.

Honestly, is there even anyone in Exile's crew that ISN'T a badass? Even the fucking utility droid can smoke 3 HK units without breaking a sweat.

I guess the Disciple isn't, but we won't be getting him.

It's the last piece of HK-47. When we get back to the ship, we can put finally put Humpty Dumpty back together again.


Did you know at one point, you weren't suppose to be finding pieces of HK-47 all over the galaxy? He was suppose to be intact and well, searching for the Exile, and at this point T3 would have bumped into him.

"Greeting: It has been a long time, T3, but my search is over."
"Dreeee-roop?! BREET!"
"Observation: Though your panicked reaction sends a warm glow through my receptors, I know from whence it originates. You have met HK protocol droids before... and been a victim of their heavy-handed tactics that are smearing my good name all over the galaxy."
"I wish to ask you about your meatbag leader... and if he could be persuaded to help me... as it will aid him as well."

I seem to remember there's an alternate dialog where Atton was the one who bet (and lost) T3 in a Pazaak game, which was how he ended up hanging out with the Champ in the first place. Can't seem to find it right now though.

Atton is such a jerk to droids sometimes. I don't see him taking down three HK-50 droids at the same time.

"We can change the ID signature of the Ebon Hawk, and get to Goto's yacht that way. We could go to the repair shop by the landing pad to overhaul the Ebon Hawk's codes - from there, we should make a nice target for Goto."
"Count me in."

"Yeah, and I don't like being cheated. Trust me, Goto's yacht is going to have some pretty heavy defenses. You're going to need all the help you can get."

Mira joins the party at this point. She's got a wrist mounted rocket launcher, which is basically an upgraded grenade attack. Plus, when she's in the lead of the party, nobody will set off mines by walking over them. That'll come in handy shortly.

"You have blank transponder card, yes? This I can do for you. What ID signature do you want to use?"

We're gonna take Mira and T3. Mira is only level 7 still and T3 isn't exactly the best combat NPC, but in case you haven't been able to tell, this LP hasn't been about the 'easiest' way of doing things.

The Ebon Hawk lifts off with the new ship codes.

This weird looking ship is Goto's yacht.

It immediately drops out of cloaking and comes after us. It's also much, much larger than the Ebon Hawk.

Inside Goto's yacht, Jedi Jesus wakes up from his deep fried slumber.

Goto is still only showing up via hologram.

"I hope you are not in too much pain to hear my words and understand them. I am Goto, one of the... officials representing a percentage of non-sanctioned trading here in both the Y'Toub system and Republic space."
"And I had a question for you. Are you a Jedi?"

"Indeed? That is unfortunate. Still, perhaps you have some value. I have gone to considerable expense and effort to bring you here. It is because I have a job for you."

Funny, that's exactly the same thing the HK-50 unit on Peragus said.

"Too afraid to show yourself except by hologram?"
"Afraid? No. It is simply difficult to be in so many places at once. Holotechnology is currently the most effective... and convenient... way to communicate my commands over vast distances."
"You have a strange way of asking for my help."
"Yes, but I am not in the habit of asking for things. And you were so difficult to find, even after that small incident on Peragus. There is something important to me I need protected. The Republic. It is... broken.
"What has happened on Peragus has set in motion events that I can no longer control. Not to be melodramatic, but I fear it has broken the galaxy... irrevocably. This has occupied much of my attention, and there seems to be no predictable way to resolve the situation."

"In one standard month, the Republic will collapse. Not due to war, or secession, but because it lacks the infrastructure to support itself. It is unknown to all but a few, but the Republic lost the Jedi Civil War. At the time of their defeat, the Republic was on the brink of collapse. Rather than remain and continue his campaign against the Republic, however, Revan chose to leave known space. A frustrating turn of events, as a rallying figurehead could have done much to restore order."
"So what do you expect me to do about it?"
"Katarr, a Miraluka world in the Mid-Rim, was one such place. I have reason to suspect there was a gathering of Jedi on that world when it was rendered lifeless. I cannot find any pattern in these attacks, and it a source of frustration to me. There is some clue, however, that perhaps the Jedi are linked to these attacks - or that the targets are significant in some way I have yet to discover."
"Well, you're out of luck, because I'm not going to help you."
"You misunderstand me... I do not wish to stop the Sith anymore than I wish to stop the Jedi. It is simply important to me that the in-fighting amongst these Jedi religious branches be resolved so the galaxy may be put back together."

Goto is a weird one, but if you pay attention to his countenance and manner of speech, it becomes clear what his real deal is. But we're saving that for later.

"Why do you care about the Republic?"
"You could say I am something of a... patriot."
"Although I was unable to serve during the troubles with the Mandalorians or against the aggressors known as Malak and Revan, I am able... and willing to serve now. The problem is, I can find no side to choose. Both are hidden from me, as they seem to be hiding from each other. Irritating. It is like a dejarik board, where neither player can see the other... nor see all the pieces. It is not a fair game - an equitable game."

Well he and I have one thing in common then; I suspect the Pazaak players of cheating too. The amount of natural 20s they get borders on ridiculous.

"I'll do what I can to help - that was my intention in the first place."
"Excellent. It really is in your best interests, you know. There is no margin for error when I say that these Sith seek to murder you and all Jedi, everywhere. They have been quite efficient. And when they dispose of you, that there will be nothing left to stop them - and the galaxy will fall under their influence. I'm afraid a broken ex-Jedi is all I have to save the galaxy at the moment."
"Then I have no problem helping - if you set me free."
"Ah, well, there is where we are at cross-purposes. I cannot set you free. You have a tendency to cause dangerous repercussions wherever you go, and I would rather keep those to a minimum. The galaxy really is a fragile place right now."

"It is the proximity alarm. We are under attack. Somehow, your allies have found you. Unexpected."

Next update: Mira and T3 are off to save the princess.