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Part 33: Onderon - Colonel Mustard in the Library with the Candlestick

Last we left off, we managed to find a video recording of the murderer:

It very decisively shows... his legs. Or her legs.

Will it be enough to exonerate Mandalore’s friend?

Downsie McLumplehead seems to think so.

It was pointed out to me that this head was based off a Lucasarts contest winner who got his face scanned and put into the game, so after 2 or 3 minutes of internet detecting (detectiving?) I found his real photo.

And to be fair he doesn’t look nearly as inbred as his ingame model.

There’s a couple of dialogue options scattered here which seem like memory tests, but I don’t know why they put in. At first it seems like it’s the trial sequence at the end of the investigation, like Phoenix Wright or something, and your answers determine whether he’s declared guilty or not.

#1 here is correct and #2 and #3 are incorrect. If you answer them wrong enough times, the captain won’t really be convinced of Dhagon Ghent’s innocence, and Nikko will have to step in and vouch for his innocence.

Like here for example, if someone playing the game was just skipping through all the previous dialogue, they would have problems remembering which is the correct answer.

Which is probably all great, except that no matter what you do, the guy gets declared innocent and is released. You’d think maybe Dark Side points or experience if you answer wrong, but nope on that count too. I think the designers just forgot to add something extra here.

Ah, we finally need the good doctor.

Unfortunately his character model isn’t a whole lot better than the other guy.

“You have any idea who killed her?”

Q: So wait, we never find out who the murderer is?
A: That’s correct.

Q: What the shit?
A: We were here to get Ghent out of jail, not find out who the real murderer is. As Ghent says, it doesn’t really matter who did it at this point, as it’s not going to bring her back. Life isn’t always full of happy endings that are tied up neatly.

Q: Isn’t that a bit of a copout?
A: Kinda. Actually, if you look closely at the evidence you can sort of tell who the real murderer is. If you can’t, that’s ok, keep reading.

“How do you know Mandalore?”

“This place is a mess, it must have been looted.”
“Yeah, it was. Although it looked pretty much like this to begin with.”

“A little dirt never killed anyone. Well, maybe a few people. But they didn't pay too well, so they got what they deserve.”

Worst. Doctor. Ever.

All things considered, Michael Moore would have a field day in Onderon. And then he would have probably been the first against the Wall when the Revolution came.

“Mandalore said you might be able to help me out. I need to get in touch with someone from the Palace.”

“Who do you think it is?”

“Can you get in touch with someone inside the Palace?”
“There's a slight problem with that. I know you don't want to hear that, since you did go through all the effort of springing me out.”

“So! Here's the punch line. I need those discs because they have some contact information on them. The people I know you don't just walk up to and chat with. There's a procedure. And that holodisc has the procedure.”
“Who has them?”

Here’s Bakkel, the gang leader and apparently the only female Beast-rider around.

This girl’s had a few too many drinks.

 If you looked closely at the video footage during the murder investigation, you’ll see the leg armour of the shooter was the same type worn by the Beast-Riders here. Also, the leg’s character model was female, and Bakkel here is the only female Beast-rider around.

Hence, Bakkel shot the droid. The question is, even if she did… it doesn’t prove she shot the guard captain. The bartender explained that thugs have been shooting up the droids anyway. So no, while she’s the top suspect, you never truly find out who the real murderer is. 

Wait, why did I just spoiler that?

Visas is doing a Power Attack; this is always amusing to watch since the animation for it causes her to jump up in the air 12 feet and clip halfway through the ceiling.

Inside Bakkel’s body are the holodisks, a bonus Starport Visa, and some creamy nougat filling. Mmm.

We’re all ready to go meet with Kavar, but we have some unfinished business before we leave.

First up, we have to win the swoop track. Onderon is our last stop in the Exile’s swoop grand prix whirlwind circuit, so if we win this one, we can crown Jesus the intergalactic swoop champ.

What’s amusing about this track is that it seems to be flying over former pieces of Iziz’s city walls. They built it hundreds of years ago to keep the beasts out and now they’re racing swoops over it. So much for culture; it’s like motorcycling across the Great Wall.

Or just watch the video:

Yeah, I did smack into a mine at the end there. Note to self, don’t try to dodge 3 mines in under .2 seconds. Should have just jumped over them.

Anyway, the other thing we have to do here is to figure out what to do with our Starport Visas.

We got one from Bakkel just now, and another one from the bounty hunter we killed on the streets. We have to get this guy to hack them so that we can resell them on the black market.

Now, we’ve got 5 possible people to give it to. First up is the family we met earlier.

To recap, her husband tried to kill Vaklu and was executed for treason. She wants the visa to get her and her kids off the planet, so they can grow up in a land free from tyranny, with socialized medicine and a favourable exchange rate. A real tearjerker of a story.

There’s a second guy nearby offering 2000 credits for the visa, straight up.

His deal is that his cash is legal. This argument might be tempting to you or I, but after being through Nar Shaddaa where everything is shady as hell, it might not hold as much water with the Exile.

There’s the Republic spy we already met.

He needs the visa to get off the planet before Vaklu finds him and does his best Red Queen impression.

There’s this Duros captain here that’s in a spot of trouble.

“And now those idiot guards won't let me pass. My crew is going to leave without me soon, we can't afford to be docked for so long. I don't suppose you have an extra starport visa?”

"No starport visa, no exit," they said, even when my crew came out and vouched for me. Mindless bureaucrats. I tell you, once I get off this rock, I'm never coming back.”

I empathize with these people. Last March I went back home to get a new passport and it was like the most excruciating 2 days ever. I just sat there for the entire day staring at the plasma screen with the wall of numbers waiting for mine to come up. And the smell. Oh god, the smell.

And finally we have this chick named Sakarie who seems desperate to get visa.

“I even have a rare lightsaber crystal - something you'd never find elsewhere. If you need money, I'll pay you 5000 credits. All I ask is get me one open starport visa.”
“A lightsaber crystal? What does it do?”

“What do you need the open starport visa for?”
“Don't worry what I'll do with the visa. Maybe I'll just take a vacation. Maybe I just want to visit my mother on Nar Shaddaa. Decent citizens like you really don't want to know what I'm going to do with it.”

Sounds fishy.


Well, we have 2 visas, and 5 people to give it to.

- The widow and kids
- The stranded captain
- The merchant
- The Exchange smuggler
- The Republic spy

What should we do?