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Part 5: Peragus: Jesus vs. Zombies

We've finally killed HK-50, but the Sith have arrived at Peragus, so it's time to look for a way off this base.

Our way to the hangar is still blocked off, so the only ship within range is the Republic warship that just docked, the Harbinger.

We get on and Kreia is immediately perturbed. What could go wrong with a ghost ship like this?

"You sense no one on board? Sense any assassin droids creeping up behind like last time?"
"Everyone here has been slain, yet there are few signs of battle, no carbon scoring, no blaster fire. This place has been hit by assassins of a different sort."
"Then what are we doing on this ship? We were better off in the facility!"

Okay, okay, calm down. No need to say things we'll regret later.

"We cannot go back into the facility."
"Why don't we steal this ship?"
"Oh, you mean with the huge crew we brought along with us? That's a brilliant idea. "

We can't fly the ship with 3 people? Then why did we come in the first place?

"Well, of course, they have the asteroid drift charts in their navicomputer. They'd have to."
'So let's get their codes, then. Then we can worry about reaching the Ebon Hawk. "

"Our enemies gather while we wait here."

We say something undeservedly nice to Atton...

...and we get our first influence point. The more influence you have with an NPC, the more secrets and abilities you can unlock with them. They also move closer to your own alignment.

How do you get influence? Mostly just verbally fellating your party members. People criticize the system for being too obtuse, but it's usually as simple as doing or telling them things they want to hear. The problem becomes that the game probably wasn't designed for somebody to get maximum influence with everybody in one playthrough, which can get frustrating.

We run up to the bridge of the ship to grab the codes for the asteroid drift charts.

In case it looks familiar, this was a redo of the Endar Spire ship/level from KOTOR1; it does makes sense since it's the same class of ship. The bridge I think is exactly the same, as are some of the side rooms here. The rest are slightly different but have the same textures and assets.

More holograms. This is/was the commander of this ship.

I think he's talking about our Exile hero.

"Can you get an ID on the ship?"
"Yes, sir, we have its ID signature... it's not in our databanks, but its profile suggests some low stock freighter... says it's being hit hard by a Sith warship."

An ominous... Scottish voice...

I guess we should take a look at the medlab too. Although, it's starting to be like the horror movie cliche where the guy hears the noise in the basement and heads off to investigate.

And now our Sith friends start popping out of the woodwork. They start off invisible so they're quite annoying. There's also several spots that Obsidian pulls a fast one, and spawns them right on top of you.

They're all melee so far, but don't hit that hard.

We check the escapes pods but they're all locked down.

Where would we pod off to anyway? We're in the middle of nowhere.

We have enough experience for level 6, so I'll point out the Feat that allows us to play this game without a lightsaber: Force Deflection. With this we can deflect blasters with our MIND. How awesome is that?

Jesus used a Republic capital ship as his personal taxi. Bit of a dick move, I must say.

Carth Onasi.

Remember we set Darth Revan to Light Side back in the beginning? Well, Carth shows up here because unfortunately, in the Light Side ending of KOTOR 1, Carth doesn't get slaughtered or abandoned on an unknown planet. If we made Revan Dark Side, Carth would have been dead either way, he gets replaced here by a generic no-name Admiral.

They even got the same voice actor as before with the horribly inappropriate cadence and weird pausing.

He wants to find out about the Ebon Hawk, enough to send this warship to go chasing it down. We'll find out why later.

Way to risk the last Jedi in the galaxy on some wild goose chase.

(He failed horribly).

Our old buddy HK-50.

We're walking past the room we used to live in on the ship.

We must have left some goodies behind, right?


The armband has +1 Constitution, and is the only stat-boosting item you can get in the game for the arm slot.

Here's a horror movie trick they pull on us. There's two dead end corridors here.

You won't know until you run up and try to open it.

Then you turn around and start going back, and a bunch of invisible Sith spawn behind you and take you by surprise. Tricky tricky. I think Doom 3 did a lot of this.

We get to the med lab and thankfully it's clear of enemies. There's that tank in the middle there that's been shattered; wonder what's the story behind it?

We can also stick our personal datapad into the computer:

So that's how we ended up drugged at the beginning of the game.

We still don't know what's up with the busted tank in the middle. Pictures tell a thousand words, so let's check the camera log.

Sith Lord in a tank, okay, everything's normal.

Not normal.


Okay, time to get out of here.

More Sith soldiers, but we've fixed up the medical droid there behind us, so it follows us around and heals us automatically.

One more room left here, the droid maintenance bay. Which contains a bunch of broken droids and a dead mechanic. Hmm.

Oh HK-50, you cad.

This is the flight of Orpheus and Eurydice from the depths of Hell.

In Greek legend, Orpheus retrieves his dead wife Eurydice from the underworld. The condition is that Eurydice has to follow a few steps behind him on the way out, and he cannot look behind him until they reach the surface. Orpheus is overanxious and breaks his promise, and Eurydice vanishes forever.

Of course, that would mean the Exile is Orpheus and Kreia is Eurydice, his lost lover.

Are you disturbed yet?

Don't look back!

You looked back .

Our first real look at our ugly Sith Lord, Darth Sion.

The idea is that he's been broken and smashed so many times, by battle and the Dark Side itself, but he's holding his body together through the Force. That means he's in constant pain, so he gets really grumpy, and he likes to take it out on our Exile.

"He cannot kill what he cannot see, and power has blinded him long ago. Run. I shall be along shortly."

And Eurydice has to return to the underworld.

After losing Eurydice for the second time, Orpheus swears off women forever. Instead he takes up paedophilia and has a series of relationships with little boys. He's depicted in some Christian paintings as the first sodomite.

Finally, Orpheus gets his head ripped off by a bunch of horny drunk women.

I love Greek tragedies.

Where were we? oh, right. There's still the matter of getting off this ship.

We've run the entire length of the ship from the bridge to the rear engine room. The last thing we have to do is open the fuel line valve and we can cross back into the Peragus facility.

Whine whine whine.

Let's see what's happening elsewhere.

Our biggest clue so far that Kreia is not who she appears to be.

Interestingly, that's the first lightsaber we see in the game.

Following in the rich tradition of the Star Wars movies, Kreia gets de-limbed.

Jesus feels it too.

Well, snap out of it!

Crawling through the pipe... hey look who it is!

Our other old buddy, T3, who wants to join the fun.

HK-50 also dumped the Hangar controls here. How convenient. This means we can finally get to the Ebon Hawk and leave this hole.

From here on out it's a running fire fight all the way to the Ebon Hawk. The area's been repopulated by all kinds of droids, so there's tons of crap to kill.

At this point I think T3 is actually our best fighter. Which is funny because he's got two supposed badasses behind him. He's got an unlimited Shock Arm attack, and some special Ion Blasts that make short work out of the droids on this level.

T3 cracks the computer, so the run to the hangar is finally clear.

We made T3 take Demolitions as a cross class skill, so he has no issues with mines either.

In fact T3 can pretty much do anything. Why are we dragging these two useless idiots along anyway? This game should have been called Knights of the Old Republic II: T3-M4.

The Ebon Hawk! You could see down at the ship from the windows above at several points during the game, so when you're finally able to reach it it's a sweet moment. The hangar's a pretty nice level in itself; here's some concept art.

But nothing can be that easy. An army of Sith soldiers come flooding into the hangar.

Time to give the laser turrets a work out.

This is the minigame that replaces the annoying X-Wing type shooting sequence from KOTOR 1. And I could be lying, but I think it only gets used once during the game (here), so bonus points. Once or twice is a nice change of pace, more than that gets really annoying. In KOTOR 1 it always pops up in between planets and it gets aggravating.

And the minigame is for naught! Because they fucked up the game mechanic!

The point is to kill all the Sith soldiers before they enter the ship. Any that you miss will slip on board, and you have to fight the hard way inside the ship. Except that you don't get any experience for killing them outside. Inside, fighting them gets you the full 175 experience per kill.

So why would we kill them outside?

Come in, come in, the more the merrier.

There's like 6 or 8 gathered outside the cockpit, so a few grenades while hiding behind a corner takes care of that.

I have to point out it's a bit of a plothole that they're here at all.

The Sith we met on board the Harbinger were super trained Sith Assassins sent to hunt down Force users, so they could do fancy things like be invisible and all that. Being undetected was the only way they remained on board the Harbinger, and ended up here in Peragus.

The Sith we're fighting right now are just Stormtrooper-esque foot soldiers who don't stealth or turn invisible, so they shouldn't have been able to hide on the ship.

No time for that.


Unfortunately we forgot about the Harbinger which is still parked outside, and still has Grumpyface Sith Lord on it.

It misses us, but hits one of the asteroids. The asteroids are made of explosive fuel. Not good.


Our end-of-planet choice:

Do we blow up the asteroid system, the Harbinger with it, and save ourselves?

Or try to be the good guys and keep dodging, saving the mining station full of nothing but corpses?