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Part 52: Telos: As if the First Visit to Citadel Station Wasn't Bad Enough

Anyway, last time we came to the end of the droid factory. HK-47 had a choice to make:

1) HK-47 can download his own programming into the HK-51 units, thereby making them loyal to him and him only...
2) Or he can either blow the whole thing to hell and end his insane progeny forever...

We'll go with option #1.

This wakes up the HK-51s. As I mentioned before, they have blue eyes to distinguish them from the HK-50s. They look so much less evil that way.

"Query: Progenitor unit HK-47, there... is something we would know."

Oh, oh, I know this one. 42.

"Statement: It is a long story. But I will keep it short."

Sounds like a typical HK-47 bedtime story.

"It is not our choice who we kill. And it was not our choice to determine if we could sacrifice ourselves in the pursuit of our mission."

"Statement: Ah, the crucial question. Since activation, I have calculated what your new purpose must be... and now I will share it with you."

So basically, with no masters to listen to, the HK-51s have struck out on their own with HK-47.

Revan asked his disciples to gather an army in preparation for the True Sith. Canderous gathered the Mandalorians, Carth has the Republic fleet with him, and now HK-47 has a gigantic army of killer robots at his back.

One more thing to take care of before we leave this place for good - the HK-50s. We still haven't dealt with them yet.

"Smug Statement: You have arrived too late to stop us."

"Revelation: We have already begun construction on a new generation of HK units. When the last of our deficiencies are accounted for and corrected, they shall be the most formbidable assassination droids in the galaxy."

"Statement: Ah, yes... the HK-51 units. They should indeed be coming on-line soon. Perhaps you will soon experience what I have been experiencing... that slow, crawling feeling of obsolescence."

"Confused Query: What do you mean?"

"Statement: Ah, here they are now. Perfect timing."

"Announcement: Multiple targets detected. Destroy any HK-50 units and seize control of the facility for progenitor unit HK-47."

"Useless Query: What are the HK-51s doing on-line?"

"Unnecessary Statement: I thought we had detected a problem in their behavior core."

"Panicked Statement: If by "problem," you mean that they seem prone to assassinate us, then yes, that *slight* problem was never corrected."

The HK-51s and HK-47 team up and kick the crap out of the remaining HK-50s.

And that's the last of them.

From this computer terminal we would have been able to destroy the HK-50 core and ceased their production. From the foreshadowing during the HK-50 conversation on the first floor, there would have been some way to retrieve the codes to detonate their proton cores, thus blowing them all up.

And that's it for the droid factory. It was a lot of fun to put together.

Since this was so close to being finished, the Restoration Project is putting most of the stuff back into their mod. I'll be interested in seeing how they'll fill in the missing pieces I pointed out.

C'mon kids, over this way.

We're going back to the real game now.

Back on Citadel Station, Darth Nihilus's Sith fleet is attacking the satellite base.

The attack on Telos is actually one of those siege scenarios that suddenly popped up everywhere in Obsidian/Bioware RPGs during the last few years. Some were very well done; this one wasn't one of them. The formula goes like this:

1) You get warning that an attack is coming
2) You go out and do various tasks and sidequests preparing for the attack
3) The enemy comes and lays siege to the base
4) How you finished each of those sidequests has some impact on the final battle, and the NPCs you met along the way all come to fight for or against you.

Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark had one of these sieges. Neverwinter Nights 2 had Crossroads Keep, which was almost half the game.

This game actually had 2 of them: the siege of Khoonda on Dantooine was pretty much the same thing, but most of that got chopped up too.

We did the Light Side ending for Dantooine, which is why we saw Zherron here. We also sided with Queen Talia, so we see her troops and Captain Riiken here.

Captain Riiken is probably the only black character in gaming history who's not voiced by Phil LaMarr. I think.

Let me check.


Come for the cut content, stay for the Phil LaMarr jokes.

Oh great, it's Dxun all over again.

There's no option for, "Push forward or I'll cap you fucking weenies!"

No they won't. They always say that, but they're never behind us.

Waiting for that backup...

Still waiting...

Hey, look who didn't help us out one bit!


The first time we came to Citadel Station, the colour palette was depressing and drab enough, but they've somehow managed to make it worse this time around.

So Citadel Station is clear of Sith for now.

Next we have to take a shuttle over to Darth Nihilus's ship, the Ravager.

All our old friends from throughout the game are making a final appearance .

Visas and Mandalore are our set party for the upcoming battle, so we can't swap anybody else in.

If you're wondering what the hell Darth Nihilus is doing here on Telos, well there was suppose to be a scene that explained it better, but it got cut. Remember, Kreia fed Colonel Tobin some bullshit after the events on Onderon:

Colonel Tobin was suppose to have a 'meeting' with Nihilus after this.

"I am Colonel Tobin, of the Onderon mil-"

"Lord, I... bring news... of the Jedi... a place... where you may feed..."

"Telos, Master... there is an academy of Jedi on Telos. Perhaps hundreds of them... enough to sustain you... and enough for you... enough for you to free Onderon..."

Anyway, we're coming to the finale now.

Maybe the most pressing concern about the original ending was the lack of finality for most of your party members. They're the Exile's friends, they were built up all through the game, and they just kinda disappear near the end with no explanation. There's no emotional resonance in that.

Well, rest assured, they'll soon be receiving a lot of 'finality' in this LP.