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Part 17: Episode XVII: Domestic Violence

Episode XVII: Domestic Violence

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<singing> Yo-heave-ho. Yo-heave-ho.
What a beautiful sunset. Bring her about boys. Quickly. Steady... We’re in shallow waters. Now slowly... Lower the anchor.
Don't be unreasonable! We can't handle that many passengers! The sky is getting dark! The draft... The draft! We're sinking!
Bessy? Bessy! The meat is burning its burning! It’s burning! No... it's not working. No! Hey... HEY! Where are you going...? Where are you going?! Hey, you! The boat! No! We’re sinking! Wait! My... my boat! MY BOAT! My... boat...

Unfamiliar ceiling...

<grinds axe> Are you awake? These ruffians...

<continues grinding axe> You harlot! Strumpet, have you no shame?! Oh... if only Elaine had been saved. We wouldn’t be in this mess!

Putting this ghost to rest has not been worth this effort...
Ah, yes. She was merciful. She was benevolent. She believed me and she was fond of my paintings!
Everyone else always told me “Ogden that is too morbid, nobody is going to want those” or “Ogden nobody even remembers that incident, move on.” What did they know?! WHAT DID THEY KNOW?!
Your paintings...? The sunken boat...?

It wasn’t my fault! All of the sudden there was a coal ship out of nowhere. It was dark! What could we do? It sank so fast! I was thoughtless... Elaine... Poor, poor Elaine...
So was Elaine on that boat, or...?

If only I had stayed with her! Hey! You! Hey, how’s that!? Just a lamb!? You! I’ll make you just a lamb!
<struggles with rope> What does that even mean!?

You’re craaaaazy!


Huh... That’s a weird sound for an axe to make.


BARF! <dies>

Honey... let’s stop this now... <lowers gun and walks to Ogden>

<rubs shoulder> It’s time to stop...
You said the first couple dozen people would be enough... Then fifty. Then a hundred. We can’t start filling another room with corpse piles, dear. The neighbors are starting to complain about the stench...

It’s OK... It’s over...

I’m sorry. My husband...
Ergh... Are you talking to me now or his bod—?
A long time ago... he was the captain of a big pleasure boat. It was a gorgeous boat. He was so proud of it.
Oh we’re doing this, huh...? <struggles with rope>

But then there was the accident. So many people died... Everyone blamed my husband. It was so difficult for him.
So it wasn’t his fault? That’s umm... rough.
Oh no, dear. It was entirely on him. Complete screw-up.

He started drinking heavily. Silly, isn’t it? No matter how much you drink... you can’t forget such a tragedy.

But he met Elaine. She believed he was innocent. She helped him carry on.
Not the brightest star, that one. But she was very sweet.
This Elaine... She’s dead?
I know the answer to this, but...
Yes. Why is it that good people seem to die so early? What a waste...

While Elaine's husband Patrick was traveling, a robber broke into their house. My husband has always said, “if only I had been there for her.”
And that’s when he put down the bottle and took up the axe. He always did have a fondness for chopping... <wistful sigh>
O... kay...
I tried to convince him poisoning had a way of clearing one’s conscience. Hehe... But you know my husband. He was always stuck in his ways...
If you say so... <nervous glance>

<hands Koudelka a knife> We should stop this conversation now.
<steps back and cocks gun>

My husband is waiting...

He can be so impatient, you know?

Welp... That took a turn. I... guess that takes care of that Welsh couple’s serial killer days... Tune in next time as we make our pick over their still warm corpses for goodies, explore underground murder vaults and maybe fight a Goro as Koudelka’s bogus adventures continue!

Video: Episode 17 Cutscene
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Bessy Hartman Character Model – It must be difficult living with polygonal stumps for feet.