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Part 29: Episode XXIX: Raiders

Episode XXIX: Raiders

James, I cannot help but notice the fire on the clock tower we’re climbing is spreading. Yet our only way forward is to continue our ascent. Just hanging back and watching the tower burn wouldn’t have the same effect, you know?

Get a load of that idyllic Welsh countryside. Magnificent. That aside, we’re nearing the top of the tower. At least the haphazard mess of crude construction walkways leading around it. Before we head inside and go meet Elaine proper like, there is a sneaky secret on this screen.

Right in the center of the area, in a very precise little pixel of space, there is a ledge that Koudelka can mantle onto. Even though there is zero indication that it is there, this is actually the very final Permanent Save Point in the game. Wee bit of a dick move hiding a save/heal right before the run up to the final boss. Especially when that’s the ONLY save point since before blowing up that door if you were playing the original Japanese version of the game. But thaaaaaat’s Koudelka!

Took a bit of doing, but here we are up at the 4th floor of the clock tower. We could head on in and go meet Elaine now. But, let’s try a little thought experiment first...

Remember Koudelka’s Pendant? The one I said was 100% mandatory to acquire in order to complete the game? We’re pretty high up. What if we just chucked that sonuvabitch into Cardigan Bay? Just for funsies. If we still had the Pendant, we could waltz right in with no prompt. But now that we’ve gotten rid of that burden...

Ehh... I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about! It’ll be fine!

New Music: Elaine's Chamber

Hmm... A giant evil ass flower, huh? Historically, that has not gone well in Japanese game narratives...

Before we continue forward, it is worth mentioning that there are still random battles in this area. Particularly, that darn cat from way back in Disc 2 has made a return as an encounter. This black cat is particularly noteworthy for it has (a slim chance) of dropping Koudelka’s Pendant if she failed to acquire it back at the beginning of Disc 3.

There is zero indication this enemy will drop said Pendant. It’s also up to RNG as to whether it will actually cough one up. But hey, given all the other dumb bullshit in the game I guess it’s nice they didn’t completely lock off the ability to... well...

Let’s just go mosey onward and see what happens of Koudelka wasn’t carrying her Pendant.

Previously steady, it suddenly picks up pace until it feels as though the plant will explode.

VIDEO: Click Here For Ending A
(You should definitely just watch this.)

Eww... That is way gooier than I was expecting. Also, I like to think Elaine already had the Tree of Life tattooed on her chest back when she was alive and this it being on her resurrected form is completely independent of any alchemy fuckery. She was just into some weird shit on the down low.

Elaine has something to say to the party...

Dear God in heaven...
Why do I suddenly have the feeling we’re in over our heads...?
OK. Stand back and cover me. I’m gonna punch her!




I’m OK... I’m OK!
...I’m not OK.

Yeah... Uhh... Yeah. We should probably hold onto that Pendant, huh?

Video: Bad Ending
(You should definitely watch this.)

Alternate Bonus:

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