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Part 31: Episode XXXI: Just In Your Memories

Episode XXXI: Just In Your Memories

New Music: Kiss Twice
(It’s the final boss music, you should probably listen to it!)

Meet the final boss of Koudelka -- Elaine Heyworth: Freaky Ass Crazy Insect Final Form. Mrs. Heyworth comes packing 22801 which is around 9000 HP less than our old pal the superboss Gargoyle had but still puts her as the second beefiest enemy in the entire game.

Elaine has shed all her immunities this go around. She’s just sporting high enough stats that she’s fairly resistant to all damage. Edward equipped with Sacnoth , a sword that could one shot any common enemy in the game at this point (and probably a decent number of bosses had he had it) can only manage to dish out 2000-3000 HP of damage.

Speaking of Edward, our first order of business is once more to throw on a Reflect. But this go around, we’re not just limiting ourselves to only him. Everyone in the party needs to have protection from Elaine’s magic post-haste or this is going to go very poorly for everyone involved as our insectoid challenger is NOT fucking about.

Elaine’s main attacks is an upgraded version of her death breath from her earlier form. It now comes sporting electrical effects to show you it’s gotten way meaner since her transformation. This still hits the entire party on cast. Edward can take upward of 3000+ HP of damage if he wasn’t protected by Reflect. Koudelka and James, despite their high PIE stats, still take 1000+ HP of damage as well.

Which is why we immediately cast Reflect on everyone our first turns. If everyone is reflecting that damage, Koudelka and James at least will instead do about 1500-2500 damage to Elaine whenever she gets saucy and summons a lightning storm. Someone should have told her I already did the 100 Lightning Dodges. I ain’t even dealing with that kinda shit again.

Final Elaine can also channel the spirit of Final Fantasy Cactuars and cast 1000 Needles. Apparently, spikes flung from some vaguely insect-like carapace constitutes magic because this spell also will get reflected back in Elaine’s direction if she casts it.

Really, our only worry with this fight is keeping up our Reflects if we want to stay healthy. Reflect WILL eventually wear down but I have no earthly idea what the calculation formula is for the threshold deactivating it. I had Koudelka cast Reflect on James then James cast Reflect on Koudelka and finally himself. For some reason Koudelka’s ran out way before either Edward or James. James got attacked more than Koudelka so it’s not that. He’s also got a higher PIE stat thanks to that magical girl Rod too, so it isn’t Koudelka’s resistance to magic. You got me! I’m past trying to figure this shit out.

Overall, Elaine was pretty forgiving this battle. She actually has an extremely nasty physical attack that can even ruin Edward’s shit and she also possesses a healing spell for around 1500 HP. But she chose to do neither of those this bout and instead ended up mostly kicking her own ass with magic.

It’s a good thing we went vaguely out of our way to get some very nice equipment, grinded out our magic a bit and honestly got kind of lucky with RNG drops. This fight could go way worse if we were any more ill-equipped or under-leveled... But for now, the evil is defeated. And so...

VIDEO: Click here for the “Good” Ending

Upon her defeat, Elaine just starts bursting open at the seams like a big ol’ jam filled balloon. This and Parasite Eve just loved its warm gooey centers to its mutant abomination ladies.

Are you all SEEING this nonsense?
<hurk> Oh God... The smell... I think I’m gonna hurl!

Oh... Huh. She managed to hold it together surprisingly well. Or she’s getting Raptured right now. Or... perhaps exploded. To be honest, I’ve lost the plot on anything going on with Elaine’s body at this point.

Elaine’s eyes turn from blue to brown. Did her spirit return to her body to double die or something of that nature? That seems like a real bad scene if so. But wait, weren’t her eyes blue in that flashback montage Koudelka had in her psychic vision? So then...? Hmph. I dunno. Is this Elaine’s Nobody and if that and her Heartless are now dead, she’s back alive? No shit, that’s the wrong lore.

Regardless, for a brief instant it seems like Elaine’s body has returned to her senses and has something to say.

Yes, my love...?


Hah! Wrecked!

I have seen the most interesting happenings. It would be a waste to go back to sleep just yet. Hehehe!
Hehe... I wonder how long it will take those three to realize...

Hey, Koudelka... I wonder what she was about to say.
Why would you yell out the word “barf” before throwing up blood and dying... It doesn’t make any sense, ya know?

Dead people don’t speak. It’s just in your memories.

Huh...? Is that how you explain what we just saw?

<gets up and brushes herself off> I guess...
<blink> Wait, what are you even talking about? We spoke to her GHOST!
I don’t know, Edward. What do you want out of me? I’m still hung over and a building just exploded right in front of my pounding head. Can you just be quiet for once!?
Fine, fine... Geez. Forget I asked!

Memories... Someone told me after a loved one’s death, all we have is memories.

In these we maintain an eternal bond with the dead.

Hey, Koudelka?
I told you to shut up, Edward.
Yeah, I know but...
But what!?
...How are we getting down from here?
<deep sigh>
...Well, crap.

New Music: Ubi Caritas et Amor

Ubi caritas et amor, Deus ibi est,
Ubi caritas et amor, Deus ibi est.

Congregavit nos in unum Christi amor,
Congregavit nos in unum Christi amor.

Exultemus, et in ipso iucundemur!
Timeamus, et amemus Deum vivum.

Et ex corde diligamus nos sincero!
Et ex corde diligamus nos sincero

Ubi caritas et amor, Deus ibi est,
Ubi caritas et amor, Deus ibi est.


And that concludes the Good Ending, for lack of a better term, of Koudelka. Yes, the Good Ending but not the CANON Ending of this game. Tune in next time for the actual conclusion of Longest, Worst Night in Wales – Autumn 1898 Edition!

Video: True Elaine Boss Battle

Video: Koudelka Good Ending
(It’s one of the two endings! Go watch it!)

Early Koudelka Iasant Concept Art – Kind of like those designs a lot more than the final one.