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Part 40: Epilogue the Second

Epilogue the Second

With their adventures complete, our heroes take a well deserved rest. As you can see, they've made enough of a fortune that they could probably live out their days comfortably if they wanted. Knowing them, however, that's not likely to happen.

Sir Boo

For once more helping to save Krynn as well as performing numerous services for the Solamnic Knights, Sir Boo was promoted to the rank of Knight of the Rose with a stern warning not to do it again as they had nowhere left to promote him. Now considered eccentric (due to being rich and high ranking) rather than odd, he's off in search of a discount castle, possibly by the seaside, that matches his new status.


Samantha returned to his beloved forests, terrifying evil creatures for miles around. Young rangers have begun to seek out his wisdom and experience, which he shares with anyone sufficiently murderous towards evil creatures. Occasionally he collaborates with Amanda, finding common cause in ruining evil plots wherever they find them.


Having gained some valuable experience as a hero traveling with the group, Amanda continues to wander the wilds as a Paladin taking up whatever quests she can find. Stories of her exploits continue to grow, probably due to her increased understanding of how legends are actually built.


Now practically on the wagon, Rip returned to Solace and actually bought his favorite inn. None of the staff have changed, but he now drinks for free whenever the mood takes him. As a powerful cleric is services are greatly in demand, however, so he doesn't have nearly as much time for drinking as he used to. People who know him say that he doesn't mind as much as one would think.


Having become one of the most powerful young mages in the order, Ishmael is considered a rising star in the Order of the Red Robes. His superiors are keeping a close eye on him for future potential, while Ishmael is resting up and preparing for future adventures.


A nearly legendary treasure hunter, Gable's story is becoming spread among Kender far and wide as an example of how Kender are not the petty thieves that most of Krynn believes them to be. For his part Gable continues to wander and have adventures, dropping in to visit his companions at odd intervals to see what they're up to and tag along for anything that looks interesting.