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Lack of Love

by TwystNeko

Part 3: Level 4

Wherein Evo discovers the mainland.


This time around, all but one critter has a name:
Nyoromatoi - These remind me of a rooster. We give them some flashy lights.
Soinei - Little red bouncy guys. They like to sleep on the rocks, and harass Tasukete.
Atsumeyanma - Blue flying bugs. They like to congregate in huge swarms.
Tasukete - Tall green two-legged bugs. They get harassed by Soinei.
Robbafuun - Long, spiky creature. They don't like loud noises.

The unnamed creature:
Dragon - They kinda look like one.

This is the longest level in the game, so I've cut some stuff out, as well as sped up much of the running around. The sound kinda gets a little wonky, but it's not bad. Now that I have a working way of doing speedups, the next update shouldn't take so long.