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Lack of Love

by TwystNeko

Part 8: Level 9

With another jump in size, there's a lot more for us to explore!

Sempaitchi - We finally have a name for our creature's species.
Kakuregarasu - Kind of reminds me of the Mock Turtle from Alice in Wonderland. Plays Hide and Seek.
Kamonohana - Sumo-wrestling red and white creature.
Mimawaribatto - Flies in a circle, until we follow in its shadow for a while.
Kirin - Looks like a giraffe. We chase a baby until it runs home to momma.

Unnamed Creatures:
Armadillo - These curl up into balls and roll around.
Octopus - Each of the Sempaitchi have one of these as a companion.

Track 8 - Crisis

Ryuichi Sakamoto posted:

The influence of Bartok? Certainly I like this type of sound. You'll hear the same sort of thing in "Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence" and "The Adventures of Chatran."

Next level: things take a turn for the plot-like!