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Lack of Love

by TwystNeko

Part 9: Level 10

Higher Education!

In this level, we don't really interact with any of the creatures - we see some of the creatures from the previous level, as well as some that are entirely new. Also, we finally meet Halumi, and the LOL babies.

Track 9 - Experiment

Ryuichi Sakamoto posted:

I wonder. I really don't know. Maybe influenced by "Dune"? I haven't seen that film in about 15 years, but I really loved it.

Bonus Videos
Failure! - this is what happens if you fail a block puzzle, or pick the octopus creature.

The L.O.L. Project - the video that Halumi shows us to explain why he's here.

We're almost done - the final stage is up next, and there's very little to do in it, so I'll try and get that up tomorrow.