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Part 2: Exodus

God has been demoted and is now only the Word of God. Poor guy.

Anyway, you might be wondering how you'd know to go to Remlia before Mt. Palo and El just had to guess. Samuel, on the other hand, actually takes the time to talk to people since he isn't as self-important.

: Remlia is located south of the mountains to the west.

And now we have our goal clarified. As is the case with the main series, sometimes talking to NPCs helps with figuring out what to do next.

Also, there's a monkey you have to go out of your way to see for some reason. Anyway, let's get to Remlia and see what we need to do there.

Well, that was easy. This guy is stood right by the entrance to Remlia. Our objective is pretty apparent; go to Arrow and... do something. Fortunately, Arrow is just next door to Remlia. Almost literally in fact;

Unfortunately, we can't actually get in the town yet so looks like we're off back to Remlia to gather some information on how to solve this problem.

Not sure how this is supposed to work, but at least now we know what we're looking for... if only we had an idea of where to look for it.

: But... monsters are everywhere around the south Oasis.

Now we know where to look too. Admittedly, it's pretty vague but at least we know to go south at this point so we'll just scour that general area. Plus, we know it's in an oasis so we're looking in a desert to the south. This should narrow things down a fair bit.

A bit further north of the man who tells us where to look for Lete Water we can find the weapon store in a seemingly unmarked building (it's presumably obvious to Samuel but we don't have that convenience).

Anyway, the reason we're here is the Kintal Sword. The problem? Look at that price; $6000. It's much, much more powerful than anything else here, so it's somewhat justified. The Kill Whip costs twice as much as the Heat Sword, sure, but it's not that much more powerful. The one benefit it does have is 100% accuracy; the swords just have 80% (on paper anyway).

A little but further north is the armour store in an equally unmarked building. The Iron equipment is a lot better than what we have now (Leather Mail and no shield), and it might be worth picking up for the increased magic defense if nothing else. This makes costs for optimal equipment $7050... grinding that out takes a long while.

It also makes Samuel more than a little overlevelled. To say that this makes the game even easier than it would have any right to be, is something of an understatement...

So let's this pretend this never happened.

: He is the guy living in this house.

Opposite the weapon store, there's this kid standing outside one of the only two buildings in Remlia that isn't a store (the other being the shrine). Kishe is a character with a name, so clearly he's going to be important in some form. Let's take a look, shall we?

: There is this famous doctor in the desert town of Arrow. But the monsters are blocking the entrance, so we can't get into that town.

Now we finally have a clear objective for what to do once we make it into Arrow. First, we'd best go actually get that Lete Water, though, otherwise we can't help this Kishe guy out.

This is a far more realistic build for this stage in the game, and it doesn't make everything a complete joke. Well, not moreso than normal at least.

Something that wasn't covered in the mini-talky update is that sometimes a demon will start combat by talking to you. This is the only case in which talking is a free action and screwing up won't cause you to end up tanking damage. It happens a bit more often than you'd think, but it still isn't particularly common.

Anyway, by following the mountains to the south around we'll eventually come to the only location down here that looks like it might just be an oasis. This area is also where we can run into the Harpy, Kobold and Kimalis from before.

Getting the Lete Water is easy enough; just walking onto the bridge gives it to you. This area has the same monsters as Mt. Palo so getting this and getting out ASAP might be beneficial, at level 5 at least.

Oh, right, Samuel has magic. Good job I can finally explain Blaze 1 as more than "that spell that deals low fire damage." See how there's 3 enemies in a stack here? Blaze 1 will hit them all (for a mere 5 MP at that!), and will probably kill them all at this point too. It leaves these guys with like 2 HP a piece but another casting will put them all down in one.

Since we're about to take down the hordes in Arrow, this might be a good time to upgrade at least the shield. It's the cheapest after all, and this is a good time to show off that you can't sell something plot relevant. This is for an obvious enough reason, I would hope.

This one guy here is the monster stopping people from entering Arrow. Let's see if we can solve this problem the easiest way possible.

Jabba is our first boss and being a boss he's a bit "difficult" (read: tedious). The one threat he can pose Samuel is with one spell: Curse 1. Curse 1 is an instant death spell, and it is pretty likely to succeed. He can one-shot Harpy or Tanki (sometimes) sure, but that's not a big deal. If Samuel goes down here, then it is a problem; that will end the fight. Aside from Curse 1, he's not particularly dangerous - he has Blaze 1 too, but he can't use it quite as effectively as Samuel can.

With Jabba's wings clipped, we can enter the town proper and head to what looks like a medical building from the outside. Mayhap a doctor's surgery or the like?

Nah, it's just some guys house.

: I don't have much to give you but, please take this as my appreciation.

Wow, that was convenient. We're officially done in Arrow, but we'll be back later to make use of something that first appears here. We don't have much use for it now though, so we'll just skip over it for the time being.

: Will you give it to us? Kishe needs it to survive!

Well, we need to finish this quest line eventually, right? Might as well since we're here and there's bound to be something worthwhile out of this, isn't there?

: I was wounded by a monster called "Devil." By the way, if you're going to hunt monsters, take me along!

I swear that happens as sudden in-game as it looks here. Kishe joining you isn't actually a surprise when you get to this point when playing, since you get to name him at the start of the game;

More importantly, though, let's see what Kishe can do shall we?

His stats aren't particularly bad, and he's the same level as Samuel (conveniently; he always joins at level 9). That 11 Intelligence will come in handy later, I suppose.

Oh, that spell? "Combine" has a damned good effect; for 5 MP, you can fuse demons. Kishe is very important for that reason alone. We'll take a closer look at this when it becomes more useful.


As you just saw, this is Kishe. Kishe is not a poor translation of "quiche," thankfully. No, it is a reference to either King Kish or one of Mordecai's ancestors... I think. The "e" at the end makes it hard for me to be sure, but considering El's name it would make sense. Still, "Kishe" is pretty dumb, so he'll need a new name. (7 letters max)