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Part 13: Esther

The Luciferium, aside from having the name of the obvious final boss in it, is pretty uninteresting for a final dungeon. It's not particularly big but the enemies are surprisingly brutal... relatively, I mean. They're all kinda fast and most of them have Curse 2; they don't really have the MP to use it often but they're still pretty goddamn good with it.

Heal All 3 is Kali's final spell and it's about time she got it. It'd come in handy if she wasn't so goddamn slow but that's a price she has to pay. (Nike is a random encounter in this place; I grabbed one because having two demons throwing Curse 2 around makes randoms much easier.)

: And now, we have the Orbs. We are going to become Gods of this planet! Now, show us the power of Gaia and the Force!

Baal is kinda disappointing for the penultimate battle. There's not much point to using physical attacks since spells deal so much more damage. He has a fair bit more HP than Belial (5400 exact), but he takes much more damage so he dies a lot quicker. He's not even as powerful in terms of damage dealt; his spells don't scratch the demons and deal pretty poor damage to the humans (aside from Kali in this case due to low her Intelligence stat). He could try a Curse 2 of his own but it's just token resistance if a boss is using that at this point.

: Samuel, I don't think you understand. The joy and excitement we had when we created our first monster...

Since the fight with Baal is pretty MP intensive, you'd no doubt want to cast Escape and make a quick dash to the free healing nearby, but there's a problem with that.

It's not long to walk, but having to put up with the randoms on the way there as well is a bit more annoying than it sounds. Still, it's a very, very good idea to do so before continuing on anyway as there's but one fight left...

: and monsters! The monsters need the Orb in order to survive. I can't desert them.

Lucifer... is... well, he's the final boss so he's not gonna go down without a fight. He puts up one hell of a fight too; despite taking about the same amount of damage as Baal did, he has so much more HP (7560!) and so is able to last much longer. As he deals way, way more damage than probably the other three Gaia Masters combined he's more than liable to not just kill your party members but effortlessly one shot them too. The entire fight boils down to a damage race and that's my favourite kind of race; Holy 3 shaves off the same as ever but you really have to question if its worth the risk of charging or not in this case - it makes the fight go by a lot quicker than if Enkidu were to just attack casually but if he gets targetted there goes the big nuke. Still, being the final fight there's no reason to hold back any more so if you've got any items lying around that would help a ton now is the time to use them.

: The Orbs started glowing and the HP of Samuel and his party was restored.
: Samuel casted Escape.

: Thank you! Thank you so much!

: Gaia and the Force... When their power is combined as one, a new world will be created. Even if it brings a great tragedy to this world.

There is a few reasons to press start. They all boil down to "getting stronger so as to be able to win at multiplayer" but there's still some post-game content at least.