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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

by 1234567890num

Part 1: Getting Fired

Unlike Hotel Dusk's, Last Window's title screen actually has color.

This is new. Does people actually think that Hotel Dusk isn't fictional?

New Music: Silent Tears

The intro here is much more elaborate than the one for Hotel Dusk. You should watch it. The link is in the Table of Contents.

Looks like the man got the safe open.

It can't be hard if you have x-ray vision like him.

Scene change to...wait a minute... Is that a building called Prologue on the right?

Anyway, a man came behind another man and you can guess what happens next.

The scene shifts to a lady spilling her glass. You should be more careful!

I know you're stressed, but that's still no reason to waste a good drink.

New Music: Distant Memory

We rejoin our protagonist Kyle Hyde 1 year after the events of Hotel Dusk.

Correction: Kyle Hyde's employers.

What are you looking at, Rachel?

She's looking at...the wall. Or the window blinds.

Hyde's not a productive worker.

Kyle is using his status as the boss's best friend's son a little too far. Most bosses would've...

Music: Shadow Lost in the Darkness

...done exactly that. Huh. Can't say I expect that.

I guess the Cape West in the title can refer to both the hotel or the apartments. Take your bet on which one.

As Kyle walks, he and the lady looks at each other.

The lady drives off, and Kyle continues walking.

Music: The Long Night (Last Window)

Here we have our first remixed song from Hotel Dusk. Some song from Hotel Dusk are remixed, with their original version still in the game but unplayable. Others are reused only with changed instruments. The rest are absent.

Quit my detective job in Manhattan and got outta the city a good four years ago. On the surface, Red Crown makes deliveries. Household stuff, nothing exciting. Behind the scenes, the boss has a racket going to find certain things... Things that don't want to be found, if you know what I mean. That's where I come in. I travel places and look for things. It ain't all dazzle and lights, but I'm not gonna hang it up just yet. Then again... December 18, 1980. That's the day Ed finally grew a pair and sent me on my way. So I dragged my sorry as to the dump I'm used to calling home.

Like Hotel Dusk, this game is filled with 'minigames'. This one is exactly like the beginning of that game, where we just have to tap the door to open it.