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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

by 1234567890num

Part 4: Dealing with the Rent

New Music: Gusty Town

What could be so pressing?

What is it that's so pressing? Do you need to ask Tony something?
Yes, I do.
It's a fairly important thing, too.
It's about his rent.
Let me guess... He's come up short?
Quite. This month marks the fourth in a row he hasn't settled his bill.

And Tony's list of bad deeds grew.

I was going to ask him to clear his slate today.
(Typical Tony. Squirming your way out of another financial situation.)
Looks like you got a problem there.
Yes, I had hoped he'd be a little more forthcoming.
After all, the rest of the tenants are such nice people.
It's just Mr Wolf, really. I suppose there's always one though.
Trouble does tend to follow him around.
Actually, while I have you here, Mr Hyde...
There's the small matter of your rent too!


Ah. Is that right?

Ah. Is that right?
Not trying to pull the wool over my eyes, are you, Mr Hyde? If memory serves, you have both last month and this month to pay.
I appreciate this comes at a bad time, with everyone getting ready to leave,
But rent is rent and these apartments don't pay for themselves.
Of course.
I'll expect $400 in total from you then, Mr Hyde.
If you could make sure it reaches me by the weekend, that would be perfect.
Got it. By the weekend.

As a reminder, today (game time) is Thursday.

Music: Blue Lady
There is one other tiny matter, Mr Hyde...
Another one?
Yes. Concerning your mailbox.
I know you're a busy man, but if you could spare a couple of minutes,
And remove some of the clutter, it'd be most appreciated. I always check when I pass and room 202's mailbox is practically overflowing!
Roger that. I'll take a look.
Much obliged, Mr Hyde. Well, I think that's my cue to go.
Before you go, mind if I ask you something?
What is it?
Why did you decide to sell this place all of a sudden?
Ah, I had a feeling you'd ask.
Originally, I had no intention of giving this place up.

Looks like we found our mystery.

Well, it's complicated.


Music: Gusty Town
Complicated in what way?

How's the situation complicated?
Were you against selling the apartments?
It really is quite complicated. I'd rather not discuss it.
Why not?
I don't think that's any of your concern, Mr Hyde!

Again, enquiring unless stated otherwise.

I've got to ask...

The second choice reads "Is everyone behind in the rent?"

What could be so sensitive?

What could be so sensitive?
Mr Hyde, perhaps I wasn't making myself clear.
It really is quite complicated. I'd rather not discuss it.
I see.
And what makes you think I'm happy to share my secrets with you, Mr Hyde?

Well, we pissed Margaret off, but she hasn't kicked us out yet. Let's ignore that just happened and let's get going...

New Music: Insomnia (Last Window)
(Wait! What was that Mags said?)
It really is quite complicated. I'd rather not discuss it.
And what makes you think I'm happy to share my secrets with you, Mr Hyde?
Maybe she's upset at me for pushing her about why she's selling up...

This will happen even if we picked the other choice, so the only way to not piss her off is to not press her. Yes, this game actually has consequences for pressing everything. Not that it's going to stop me.

Anyway, we talk to Margaret again.

Can I bother you for a moment?
What is it?

Music: Gusty Town

Orange questions with gray mark are questions that you get for picking the wrong choice and missing the normal question. We can actually get this earlier during the talk with Tony.

I didn't mean to be rude.

I'm sorry about before.
I wasn't out to upset you or anything.
You said that you weren't happy to share your reasons...but I still let my curiosity get the better of me.

Our apology makes her happy!

That's very gallant of you to say that. I could have been more polite too.
It's not easy for a widow like me to take care of a place like this, you know.
I can trust you to understand that, can't I?

You know, if you started with this Kyle wouldn't have to press you.

Truth be told, my dad died and left my mom a widow too.
I'm sorry to hear that.
So your situation's not exactly alien to me.
It's nice to know there are still understanding people out there.

Oh, yeah. Different standards and all that.

I noticed there's a lot of demolition round these parts lately... Your predicament wouldn't be anything to do with that, would it?
I can't say they haven't been hassling me a little. But that's not the main reason.

(Not the main reason?)

What reason do you mean?

So, right after apologizing for asking too much, Kyle immediately ask even more.

So you're saying there is a cast-iron reason behind this?
I'm not going to comment on that.

We're going to ignore this advice, obviously.

Please don't pay it any mind.
I'm sorry things have turned out this way, Mr Hyde, I really am.
I think it's time for me to be on my way too.

Margaret head back into her room.

($400 by the weekend. That's a tall order. I'd better make a note of that in my notebook.)

Don't worry, the game will remind us about it later.

Music: Overstepped Memory

We now have to check our mailbox since Kyle won't go up until we do. Naturally, we examine everything except the mailbox. We can do that by pressing the magnifying glass icon.

Music: Hidden Proof

Like I said (and like the game says), we can use the slider to look around. The notebook and bag items are for using the notebook or items, respectively.

Window I can see the street through the window, but there's not exactly much to look at.
Cabinet A large, wooden cabinet complete with doors and drawers. Empty ones.
Table lamp This light shade has seen better days. Doubt the holes are part of the design.
Chairs Two old, but sturdily built chairs. Wonder how long since someone actually sat on one.
Bookshelf Nothing but an ageing wooden bookshelf. I can see some graffiti on the back of the shelves. Classy.
Boxes There are a lot of cardboard boxes piled up next to the wall. They look pretty full.
(I'd say somebody went a little overboard with the packing tape.)
Floor lamp Doesn't seem to have a bulb in place, but I'm sure it'd work if it did.

Sofa There's a sofa in the corner of the lobby. Looks like a victim of too many behinds...
Frame A photo of a city skyline is hanging on the wall.
Vending machine There's a vending machine in the lobby.
(Unfortunately I don't have any change right now.)
Note There's a notice on the vending machine.

Zoomed-in note Special Promotion: Buy something from the machine and be sure to check the reverse of the bottle cap. Winners will receive fabulous prizes! For more information, please contact the landlady or the proprietor of Lucky's Café. Good luck! Make your 25 cents count!
(Fabulous prizes, huh? Maybe I should buy some juice.)

Next up: Doors.

Note There's a note on the elevator call button. "Notice: Elevator out of order"

This game is different in that only the doorknob is shown instead of the full door.
Knock No point knocking the door of a closed café.
(Can't remember how many times I've been to this café. Closest I have to a local haunt.)
(Goes without saying it's closed this late.)

This is Margaret's room. It wasn't shown in the map. Buzzing and knocking have the same effect, so I'm just going to write knock because of habit.
Wreath A christmas wreath is hanging on the door. How very festive.
Music: Blue Lady

This kind of sprite means that the character is behind the door. Notice how the door is slightly open.
Have you come to settle your remaining rent?
Not exactly.
Oh. I see.
In that case, I have other affairs to be getting on with.
Knock (again)
Margaret: Who's there?
It's Kyle Hyde.
Margaret: I'm a little busy at the moment, sorry.
She didn't even bother coming out this time.

Music: Hidden Proof

Plant There's a sad-looking pot plant in the corner of the lobby.
(I don't think anyone's watered it in a while.)
Board It's a notice board for the residents. Some bits of paper are pinned to it.

Top left note There's a notice pinned to the board. It says: Due to recent decision to cease leasing these apartments, tenants are required to vacate the premises by the end of the month.
(Look like this is what Tony was rattling on about.)
Right note There's a notice pinned to the board. It says: Tenants should be sure to empty their mailboxes on a regular basis.
Bottom note There's a notice pinned to the board. It says: Please refrain from littering. Thank you.
Mailboxes in the right It's the mailboxes for the fourth floor. They're just sitting there all neglected.
(The mail slots are covered up with tape.)
Mailboxes in the middle These mailboxes are for the third floor residents.
Mailboxes in the left These mailboxes are for the tenants on the second floor.

Bottom left mailbox As expected, it's full of mail.

(Suppose I'd better take a look at some of it.)


It's time for another minigame. All minigame (except the first one) are accompanied by this swirl effect and the same jingle from Hotel Dusk.

We'll just tap the lock to take a closer look...

Not exactly secure, but any thief out there is welcome to my bills.

Or to your eviction notice.

We can open the notebook during a minigame. It has the code I've shown earlier.

Just follow the instructions from the notebook.