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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

by 1234567890num

Part 5: Getting the Letters

Now to find the one from Mags...

Music: Hidden Proof

Top mail There's a flyer of some sort lying on the floor.
Hmm, what's this? Looks like it might not be entirely useless.
I stash the flyer between the other letters.
Right mail There's a small, white envelope lying on the floor.
I thought so. It's from the credit card company. They want me to sign up for more plastic.
Bottom mail There's a white envelope lying on the floor.
Bad news, I expect... Oh, my phone bill. No point opening it, I rarely use the thing.

Left mail There's a brown envelope lying on the floor.
Nothing special. It's just an advert for some TV shopping trash.

Middle mail

Here we are...

I pick up the eviction notice from among the mail.

There's still that jingle from Hotel Dusk.

My dear tenants, after much deliberation, I have chosen to sell this property. The new owner plans to have the building demolished, so it is my unfortunate duty to inform you of the need to vacate at your earliest convenience. Further information will be posted on the notice board in the coming days. December 10th

(According to the date, this thing arrived about a week ago.)

I pick up the mound of mail and put it in my case.

Music: Sobering Dream

The letter Kyle picked up earlier can be seen in the menu. It look like a bookmark.

This shows that there are multiple ways to advance the dialogue. Most people would use the touch screen, since that's what controls almost everything else.

Due to the absence of NG+, this is only useful if you get a Game Over and want to get back to where you were quickly.

I think this is the one most people discover first. I just found out that there is a slow walk about 3 hours into the first game.

This is the only one that is actually useful.

Music: Overstepped Memory
We can now finally go upstairs. So let's do that. Upstairs...

Hey, you!
What're you doing here?

I was just wandering around and thinking a few things through.
Thinking? You serious?

New Music: Ace of Diamonds
Yeah. Is that a crime now?
And I suppose the hammer helps you concentrate, right?
You wanna tell me what you're really up to?
Oh, I use this to fix the place up.
Fix the place up?
That's right.
I was checking the hallways and doors, making sure its all ship-shape.

I'm pretty sure that's actually a typo, not just British spelling.

Dylan is basically

(Lives in room 304. He's a plumber and general handyman. Got a glum look about him. Wouldn't make a very good clown at a kid's party.)
How come you get lumped with building repairs?
Dunno, Mrs Patrice asked if I wouldn't mind.
Mrs Patrice?
She must've noticed I got all the tools already. Got a hammer, spanner, everything I need to fix the plumbing.
So that's why she asked you? Must be convenient to have a free handyman.
I guess so.

I wish I have a free handyman...

Guess I'm the only one who didn't know you took care of all this.
Could be. You're the only one who's ever quizzed me like this.
Yeah well, can't be too careful.
Why are you even fixing this place up, anyway? It's gonna be torn down, right? Sounds like a big fat waste of time to me.
Mrs Patrice was very clear. She told me to keep the place in good order, right up until the last day when the deeds change hands.
Anyway, I gotta rush.

Dylan takes off.

Music: Overstepped Memory

Welcome to the 2nd floor. We're going to be immediately leaving to the 3rd floor.

(Stress must be getting to me... Nearly went up to the third floor without thinking.)
(Gotta at least remember I live in 202, not 302!)

Or maybe not. We'll just examine this place, I guess.

Music: Hidden Proof

Painting It's a painting of some beautiful natural scenery.
Lamp There's a light fixed to the wall. It looks like it's been here for decades, but someone's taken good care of it.
Bench Some of the slats on this bench look new, like they needed to be replaced.
(The bench was broken for quite a while. There used to be a sign saying not to sit on it.)
(It was only repaired pretty recently. I hadn't even noticed.)

Music: Overstepped Memory

Buzz No answer. I guess that means "buzz off"?
Knob It's locked, and I'm not going to force my way in.

Plate The sign helpfully informs me that this is room 203.
Buzz Nothing. Even bees get more attention from buzzing than I do.
Knob I thought I'd check just on the off chance that it was unlocked.

Buzz Not the slightest buzz of activity.
Knob Locked. Looks like no trespassing for me.

I'm not showing the knock response because it's nothing interesting. Just imagine variations of "No one answers." The elevator is still broken.

Plate A big "202" is staring back at me from the number plate.
Knock Knocking's no good if there's nobody home.
(What am I doing, waiting for me to ley myself in? I'm wasting my time here. Better just head in.)
Buzz Seems like nobody's around to hear me buzzing.
(Not likely to get a reply from my own room now, am I?)
Knob Looks like it's locked.

It's obvious what to do here. The bag icon even flashes to show you what to do.

The beginning of this game feels more hand-holdy than Hotel Dusk.

Use room 202 key on knob I use my key to unlock the door.

Somthing jammed in the door catches my eye as it falls to the ground.

What the...

Just tap the mail to pick it up.

I pick it up and take a look.

I take the anonymous letter and enter the room.

Damn, I gotta be out of this place within the month. DIdn't see that one coming, did you, Kyle?