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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

by 1234567890num

Part 7: Looking Through the Window

Music: Heating Up

Lamp This lamp looks a bit like a street light. I think it adds to the atmosphere.
Left speaker The speakers may be worn down at the corners, but they still sound great.
Ah, the radio. Think I'll put some tunes on.

Time for another minigame! Tap the radio to zoom in.

Turn the radio on to hear music. Open the link in the pictures to hear it, since some of them are the ones we haven't heard yet.

Poster There's a poster on the wall of a guy playing the sax.

Zoomed-in poster The guy on the poster is playing the alto sax.
(This guy is my favourite musician. I really admire him.)
Drawer There's a chest with three drawers next to the left speaker.

Screwdriver There's a screwdriver in the top drawer.
Letters There are some letters piled up at the back of the drawer.
Catalog It's a Red Crown catalogue.
Key It's the spare key for my room. Guess it won't be much use if I ever get locked out.
MatchbookThe drawer has some Lucky's Café matchbooks in it.
Shame there's no puzzle this time.
Bottle There's an empty whiskey bottle on top of the chest of drawers.

Zoomed-in bottle Inside this bottle is a load of money I've saved up.
Which is a weird place to save them considering you have a Pinkie Bank.
Window Just a plain, simple window, with a view I know well.

Zoomed-in window I can see the LA street lights from my window. The perfect backdrop for a smooth jazz.
Record player My record player is on top of this cabinet.

Zoomed-in record player Yup, it's my record player. Old but reliable.
Cabinet There's an old amp in the cabinet, and below that, my record collection. I mostly have jazz LP and hard bop records from the 1950s. They're all pretty well known.
It's Long Play, not Let's Play.

Records I keep these jazz records underneath my amp. They're all pretty old, and I haven't kept the sleeves in great condition.
(I love every one of these records.)
Right speaker These big stereo speakers were well worth the asking price.

Remember that one random line about Kyle hoping the jukebox in Hotel Dusk's bar has jazz in it? Well, that's referring to his love of jazz here. Foreshadowing!

Window blind The blind is half-closed.
Frames I've framed and hung up some drawings by a street artist.
(They have a unique quality to them that I just don't get from professional art.)
Lamp This lamp is more traditional than the one over by the speakers.
Sofa This leather sofa means a lot to me. We've spent many relaxing nights together.
TV There's a TV on the table. Doesn't look like much, but at least it works.
(Guess I'll turn it on.)

Like before, we can turn the TV on and turn the dial.
New Music: Precocious Circumstances

"Hey, kids, can't get enough of Pinkie Rabbit? Well, how about trying out his brand new game? Pinkie Rabbit Land is in stores now!"
(A game about Pinkie Rabbit? I've got a theory this is more aimed at nostalgic adults.)
Music stops

"And now for tomorrow's weather."
(Cold, followed by more cold. Looks like LA's finally gonna learn what winter is.)

"Rich, sweet and dripping with flavour... Maple butter!"
(Sorry, sickeningly sweet things like that aren't really my cup of joe.)

It's a story about two old flames reuniting.
(This was quite the hot topic when it first aired...15 years ago. Why is it still on?)
Music: Heating Up
Table My coffee table's covered in crap.
Jacket It's my jacket. I remember taking it off and leaving it here.
I hope you remember, considering it was just 15 minutes ago.
Bottles I should really clear away these empty bottles of booze.
Can One of these days I'll get out of the habit of leaving my empty beer cans lying around.

Letter I reread the letter I found jammed in the door.

Music: Insomnia (Last Window)

So first I need to find out what this Scarlet Star is... Actually, come to think of it, is this even a genuine order?
(Well, one thing's for sure, this was a hotel 13 years ago.)
(But why is something from that long ago appearing on an order? Moreover, what the hell is a Scarlet Star?)

New Music: Mulling It Over
As the night drags on, the fatigue drags me to my bed.

Just can't seem to fall into one of those deep slumbers.

I ended up working for Ed. He knew all about my past, but still gave me work. Ed introduced me to the world of locating things that didn't wanna be found. This special service isn't publicised, but it's proved to be quite a flourishing business. But now Ed's canned me and it's all coming to an end. Then this. Why'd such a bizarre order make its way directly to me? These kinds of things normally go through Ed first. Does this mean that his little side business isn't as secret as he thinks? Even if that's the case, it doesn't explain why I've been roped into this.

I realise I'm not gonna get to sleep and stop trying. I slip out of bed, head to the window and open the blinds.

But tonight, something feels slightly different. As I idly stare through the glass at what beyond, my mind wanders back to the day's events.

Yeah, that's it for this chapter. No Game Over or anything (that I found). Kind of lackluster compared to Hotel Dusk's, honestly.