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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

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Part 8: Chapter 1 Quiz

New Music: Clearing the Mist

Ed gave me my marching orders and I dragged myself home. There was someone waiting in the lobby when I got there. Right, that's when I ran into...

Like Hotel Dusk, each chapter ends with a quiz.

No, not him. Dylan's the guy living in Room 304. I met him roaming the hallway on the second floor. He's taking care of any repair work that needs doing on Mag's orders.
No, not her. Betty lives in room 203. She's the other one I met in the lobby. She said she had a date and left soon after we spoke.


Unlike Hotel Dusk, the music doesn't reset after every correct answer.

I met Tony right after I got in the door. He was the one who dropped the bombshell about these apartments closing.

Curiosity got the better of me and I asked why she decided to sell the place. The reason she gave was that...

People don't pay their rent
That doesn't quite fit. Mags was complaining that Tony still had four months' worth of rent to pay. As it turns out, I still owed two months worth as well. But if anything, that's more of a reason to kick out than sell up...
My mailbox was full
That doesn't quite fit. Mags gave me a gentle reminder to check my mail from time to time. But that's hardly enough of a reason to warrant selling the place.

She had her own reasons

Yeah, that's right. Mags is feeling the strain of running this place alone and decided to sell. She also mentioned another reason for selling, but wouldn't elaborate.

I opened the door just like any other night and went inside. There were couple of messages waiting for me on my answer phone. The second one caught my attention. It was...

From Rachel
No, different message. She did call, but just to see how I was doing. I listened to that one before the mysterious second message.
From Ed
No, that wasn't it. There were no messages from Ed. Ed gave me the chop and is likely still mad at me.

From a guy I didn't recognise

Exactly. The voice I heard wasn't one I recognised. He told me that he'd left me an order to locate something for him.
I'd normally get this kind of thing from Ed, but this time it came directly to me. It didn't exactly instil the most positive of feelings inside me.

I waited in my apartment, mulling over what my next step was, but I had an uneasy feeling and couldn't seem to shake it. At tht point, i didn't have any clue about the bigger picture. The Scarlet Star. Something lost at Hotel Cape West some 25 years ago. Why did that order sheet come directly to me? And how does this all connect to the past? I'm worried this search might set me on a path to something I might not want to know...

I'll admit I jumped the gun on Martin earlier, but we'll get to that when we actually see what this novel is about later.

This first chapter quiz is kinda pointless, with 2 of the three answers being "I don't know." You can even make that the answer to the first question by referring to the mystery lady.